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California: A Triple Portion Is Coming To You! – A Word by Jennifer Chuks

Jennifer Chuks is Co-founder of Saving the Nations Ministries in Africa, and Aberdeen, Washington, (Pacific Northwest) where she resides with her husband Joel of 15 years and their son Zechariah. Jennifer carries a deep stirring and passion to be given to the presence of the Lord. They have been in extended revival meetings since November 2019 in their church and region. They have a heart to raise up sons and daughters who are marked with prophetic fire and destiny within in the local church and then to send them out to cities and nations. They co-author “Fire On the Altar”.

California: A Triple Portion Is Coming To You!

A Word by Jennifer Chuks


Los Angeles it’s your time for the triple portion. 

On March 3rd 3/3, I had a visitation and I was caught up in a revelatory dream where I was taken into the realms of heaven and saw the name of Jesus high and exalted in the city of Los Angeles. I knew it was the Anaheim/Los Angeles area because at the beginning of the dream, I saw the gates of Disneyland, which were closed shut. I could not understand what this meant, until March 12th, when the park announced closure due to the safety precautions taken to the CoVid19 virus. Although I do not believe it is the Father’s will, plan or purpose for the virus under NO CIRUMSTANCES to manifest in the earth and I do believe that the virus will be eradicated this month, what I do understand, was that this was a – “by the time” marker. So, by the time the gates to Disneyland were temporarily closed, this would mark the time of the beginning stages of the fresh move of God within the Los Angeles area. 

In this encounter, I was driving supernaturally through the city along with a fellow minister who represents a 3rd generation daughter of a forerunner in global ministry. As we drove, she mentioned she had a baby named “William” and had left him with her husband for a few days. I began to encourage her as there was some disheartening from regrets in ministry decisions. As we drove, we agreed to pray. My first instinct was to pray defensive and begin to go into a fleshly warfare mode, but as I began to bind the enemy and go into this mode, the Lord himself transported us instantly to another part of the city where we would see a skyscraper with the name JESUS on the top. We would point to his name and there was such bliss and joy in his presence there was no room for any attention to any other but him. There were great hills around us and he was leading us. We would turn a corner and see his name again written on top of another skyscraper in the city. JESUS was the city high on a hill. The name of JESUS was the HighTower and we were driving directly into him and we were saved! JESUS was the only name we could see; our eyes were completely fixed upon him. We were unable to focus on anything other than him. At one point I felt an ounce of worry because I was driving in a city I didn’t know, he supernaturally took us to another hill, and his name was written there- JESUS. Each time we saw his name, we experienced a new sense of joy, bliss and wonder than before. 

As I began to further search this out, The Lord revealed to me that Disneyland was constructed on the 33rd parallel in North America as well as Israel. We know Israel is God’s promise land and what is very interesting is that the Mount of Transfiguration sits on the 33rd parallel as well. Remember, I had the dream on 3/3. The number 3 represents the triune Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We are also a 3 person being (spirit, soul & body). My personal scripture from the Lord is Jeremiah 33:3 which is “Call Unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” This scripture was given to me the morning of 9/11/2001 in an inner audible voice of the Lord which shook me out of a deep sleep before our towers were attacked. 

California, I believe the Lord is saying to you. You have an inheritance and it is a triple portion as it was with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There have been mantles and anointings that the fathers of the faith have labored for William Seymour, William Booth (baby’s name) and others in which God wants to redeem. In the city of L.A. where there has been self-exaltation, worship of entertainment industry and idolatry, Jesus wants the highway of holiness raised up again. I believe the strategic key to unlock this door is the house of David (Praise) which will unlock the Lion of the tribe of Judah and Yeshua Jesus Christ will be exalted once again and his name is LIFTED and EXALTED above every other name, he alone will draw unto himself and many souls will be saved. Names will be inscribed in the Lambs book of Life.

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