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California Stake Your Claim. – A Word by Lisa Hernandez

Lisa Hernandez is a woman whose warrior heart has been forged in the fire of adversity. She carries with her a Deborah anointing and an instinctive ability to see the behind the scenes attempts of the enemy.
Lisa studied Karate, kickboxing, Hand to hand combat and weapons for two decades, retiring recently to work with kids of at-risk youth. Her weapon of choice is the Sword. God has taken Lisa’s special understanding of warfare and strategy and given her eyes to see into the spirit realm where she applies her gifts wholeheartedly for the glory of the Lord. Website: 
California Stake Your Claim.
A Word by Lisa Hernandez
In Revelation 14:19:22 The LORD admonishes His Church to be either cold or hot. They were comfortable in their wealth and they needed discipline in order to cause them to awaken and become who God is calling them to be. I believe we are at that place now.
I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, “California, Stake your Claim.”
I asked the Lord, “what does this mean?”
The definition of the words, “Stake Your Claim” originated in the 1800’s during the gold rush era. A claim indicates something of one’s own. To register a claim to land by marking it with stakes hammered into the ground.
As I focused more intently to what the Lord was saying, I heard, “Laodicea.”
The name Laodicea means: Justice or vengeance of the people.
It is the Church’s responsibility to hold back the spirit of chaos and division that has been released into the earth realm. That is how satan was able to shut down the churches!
(I refuse to capitalise his name or give him any glory)
2 Samuel 19:43, 19:9
Christian’s in California rise up and stake your claim! Why do you argue about my kingdom? Why do you not unite as one people on the side of your King?
Listen and I will tell you why:
There once was a king who ruled a divided kingdom. He had fought with his own tribe but then he was called back to his city. As he crossed over the Jordan, the Israelites tried to take possession of him once more as their king. For they claimed that they had more shares in the king then did the king’s kinsmen. But the men of Judah who were his kinsmen had pressed their claims even more forcefully then the men of Israel. They argued among themselves!
Am I, the LORD, not the king that you squabble over?
Have I not stated that “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand?”
Am I not good to the pure in heart?
The time has come to consecrate yourselves by fasting, prayer and repentance and confession of the divisiveness in your hearts and on your tongues and come together as one! Stop desiring what your neighbor possesses.
Am I not the God of Heaven and earth? And yet, your mouth’s lay claim to heaven and your tongues take possession of the earth. Therefore, your people turn to their leaders and drink up waters and from the earth’s abundance. You say, “How will God know?” And, “Does the Most High know anything?” (Psalm73)
I tell you this day; I AM your King! Return to Me; both kingdoms;
return and repent as one and be forgiven and united in MY cause!
I have staked My claim and I will enforce My Kingdom’s borders. For I AM the Lord your God. Stop giving up ground that has been given to you as an inheritance, over arguments based in the knowledge of wickedness and selfishness! Lay down your arms, come before Me and repent! Come together to stake your claim on the ground that I have willed to you by My Lordship! No one can take from you what you are not willing to let go of.
Mark off your territory and stand your ground as one people!
Don’t give the adversary anymore ground. I AM your kinsman Redeemer!
I have made a path for you. I have provided for you . Return to Me at once.
Put down your tribal banners and come together under my banner as one.
Just as I and My Father are one. Let this be an Edict and let it be proclaimed over your city, over your state, and over your country. Arise as one under My banner or be defeated as one under your oppressors!
This is the Word of The Lord.
As we learn in the Strong’s Concordance (below), the term Laodicea is made up of two words, laos (meaning “people”), and dicea (meaning “rule,” which is also related to the word decision). Thus, the spirit of Laodicea is when the people want to make the decisions (instead of following Yah’s servant leadership).
NT:2992 laos (lah-os’); apparently a primary word; a people (in general; thus differing from NT:1218, which denotes one’s own populace):
KJV – people.
NT:1349 dike (dee’-kay); probably from NT:1166; right (as self-evident), i.e. justice (the principle, a decision, or its execution):
KJV – judgment, punish, vengeance.
Yeshua calls these people “lukewarm.” They are warm enough to care about establishing some form of governance, but they are not hot enough to want to do it the way Yahweh wants. Because they know Yeshua, but are only lukewarm, He says He will vomit them out of his mouth (i.e., reject them).
Hitgalut (Revelation) 3:14-16
14 “And to the angel of the assembly of the Laodiceans write, ‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of Elohim:
15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.
16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”’”