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Call In Your Investors- A Word by Lori Suiter


I was pouring out my heart to the Lord during my quiet time this morning. As I listened for His response, I heard Him say “Call in your investors. ”

What an odd thing to hear. I’ve always prayed and waited for those who are supposed to be in my life to divinely appear into it. This command challenged me. I have never prayed that boldly before. Someone had recently prophesied that I would start praying prayers that would scare people by their boldness.

As I pondered this line which seemed to be a command rather than a prayer, I wondered if it was ok to do such a thing.

I started to realize that many have supporters and followers, but what is lacking in the body are those willing to help you do what God has called you to do. The investors. The mentors. The fathers. The mothers.

Everyone wants support but who is willing to actually invest (take an active part in, to sow a part of yourself into) the development and training of the person themself? I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about investing with your time, wisdom, and no how.

I’ve spent my life investing in others and it’s been time well spent… with good people… wise investments. Not looking for anything out of it other than for them to become everything God created them to be.

I have also had quite a few throughout my life invest in me for a season and I am forever grateful to/for them. Right now there seems to be a lack of mothers and fathers (sounding boards, advice/wisdom givers, accountability holders) for the ones who know they are called to be mothers and fathers.

Have we really gotten to the point where we won’t invest unless it benefits us some how? Do we still do things simply out of love and simply because God asks us to? Is being obedient or being kind reward enough for us? Can we invest simply because we want to see another thrive?

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We are in a time where the investors need invested in themselves in order for them to know how to invest in the next generation. We need your wisdom and “know how.” We need people who have been there and done that to show the way in a disciplining kind of way. We need to see up close so we can learn how to do what you already know how to do with ease.

I have always loved working as a team and I see that being the way of the future. We need each other in order to spur one another forward and grow each other up.

Many have puzzle pieces before them and some fit perfectly. You have a picture given through prophecy of what the final picture will look like once it is all put together, but the are vital pieces missing. We need to call in the missing pieces. Investors help you make sense of the puzzle pieces. They hold pieces that you need. They show you how to piece it all together. It will happen organically, relationally, and without a doubt supernaturally.

Call in your investors and dare to invest in others. There are those who desperately need what you know and the wisdom that you carry!

Lori Suiter

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