Celebrate the Mini-Harvest? – A word by Thomas Griffin

Celebrate the Mini-Harvest?
A while back I heard a preacher speak on “celebrating the mini-harvest” and it changed my life. This understanding helped me see the mini victories along the way that can be, and should be, celebrated while you await the big transformative miracles. This practice of taking a moment and celebrating every breakthrough even if it’s seemingly small, keeps our hearts in hope, gratitude, and humility before the Lord while we wait, which is our due response to His loving kindness.
I was reminded of this practice and its benefits after going through a little frustrating financial delay and then God sent a reminder that He is still working all things together.
Here’s what happened..
Mandi and I had someone close to us watch our boys while we left for a business trip. When we came back, that person had bought us a BRAND NEW washer and dryer. She said she couldn’t see us doing clothes for this many people with the worn out, small setup we had. WOAH! Praise God.
When that happened, it was like getting an adrenaline shot strait to my heart. God sent someone to pour into us His goodness…
I thank God for their heart of obedience and love. I thank God for all good things come from God. But it was more than just a good thing to me, it was God saying I’m still in the midst of this and I supply all of your needs! Like in this circumstance, I’ve learned God will send little victories or what I call “mini-harvest” to us along the way.
Mini-harvest are to remind us that He’s still working all things together for our good, in HIS time!
This especially helps in times of waiting. Celebrating the mini-harvest no only honors God with thanksgiving, but soothes your soul by reminding you He is in control while you away the needed breakthrough with patience and hope.
What are the little things along the way that God is doing in your life in big way? Did you give God glory for that too? If you haven’t, sit down and do as my mother always told me “Son, count your blessings!”
Celebrate the mini-harvest as they come along. It will be well with your soul, help you stay postured in gratitude and keep you away from discouragement. Praise the Lord for the provision!
I Bless You in the Name of Jesus!
Thomas Griffin, Co-founder of Spirit Fuel
P.s. This platform is good soil. We are working hard everyday, full time to add more readers so they too can be blessed. If you are being led, sow into this good soil today and watch God move on your behalf! Obedience is always blessed.