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Clean Slate – A Word by Towina M. Jones

Towina M. Jones

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For about a week now, I have been repeatedly hearing the phrase clean slate in my time with the Lord. As I began to inquire of the Lord, here is what Isensed Him impressing upon my heart: “Towina, I am giving my people a clean slate.” Many-some knowingly, others unknowingly, some of their own volition, others under duress-have made some turns in life that I did not lead them to make. As a result, they now find themselves in a place of living a life that is not my perfect will for their lives. “It’s time to make it right. I will make it right.”

He then began to compassionately highlight specific areas and decisions that I’ve been holding in my heart about my own life, as well as highlighting things in the lives of others. Some of what I was seeing and sensing were such seemingly subtle areas, yet the enemy was using them to attempt to siphon life out of us. I began to quickly repent and receive what He was releasing to me concerning clean slates. He showed me how clean slates aren’t just wanted, but desperately needed by so many right now. He went on to impress upon my heart that not only had He heard the groans of His people, but He pitied every single one of those groans, and was ready to rescue them from their distress and trouble.

I could palpably feel His heart for those who have been crying out for this newness. I could hear many saying, “but Lord, I just didn’t know.” In this season, you will no longer perish due to your lack of knowledge from a previous season. The knowledge you previously rejected or resisted, you are now prepared to receive and run with. You’ve been scuffling with the direct and residual effects of the past, but I hear the Lord saying, “I am causing those days to be a thing of the past. You will no longer be harassed by your decisions from the past. It’s time for old things to pass away and for new things to come to pass in your life. When I say enough is enough, it’s enough. When I say it’s time to come forth, it’s time to come forth.”

Today, the Father is gracing you with a clean slate. He is granting these clean slates because there is a way that He desires for His people to live, and He is faithful enough to wipe the slate clean so that we can live according to His predestined purpose for our lives, despite the detours that we have encountered. In His infinite goodness, He is giving us a fresh opportunity to step fully into His way. “Follow me step by step. Do not bemoan My way,” says the Lord. “The clean slate that I am granting you is exactly what you need to get back in line with my perfect will for your life. Your past can longer hold you. A new day is now upon you. I am rapping my gavel and roaring over you. Clean slate, clean slate, clean slate!”

A clean slate is a new start, a cleared record, a removal of any evidence of a mistake. I believe this clean slate is inclusive of sins of commission and omission, as well as weights. “I am not holding anything against you,” says the Spirit of Grace. “Your sins have already been forgiven, now it’s time for you to drop the weights. It will all work together for your good. Even those things that seem irreversible will be turned in your favor. Release the big and small mistakes and missteps, and embrace my clean slate.” I prophesy a clean slate in your faith, family, finances, friendships, health, marriage, mindset, and any other area where you need a clean slate. Receive your clean slate today!

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