Towina M. Jones is a Kingdom Champion. She champions Christ, and as a result, wins in life. She is a published author and global speaker with an apostolic prophetic voice. Towina is a Life, Light, and Love Bearer who is in constant pursuit of the Father’s heart. Her life is marked by the grace and mercy of God. She is a perpetual Overcomer, with a multidimensional grace on her life. With authority and authenticity, Towina encourages, empowers, energizes, and equips others to live an elevated, liberated, and victorious Kingdom life, in and through Christ. Towina leads by example with love and a level head. She finds fulfillment in impacting and influencing others with grace, love, and truth. Towina is the Global Director of International Coalition of Apostolic Intercessors (ICOAI), which was founded by Dr. Brenda W. Colbert.

“Come to the table. Come take a seat.” – A Word by Towina M. Jones

Towina M. Jones

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A couple of days ago as I was preparing to leave the house for the day, I began to hear the song of the Lord ring out repeatedly. Over and over, the words “Come to the table. Come take a seat,” reverberated out of Heaven. I began to sing it aloud. Immediately, I felt the drawing near of the Lord. The Lord is wooing us in this hour to come to His table and take a seat. His invitation is always open, yet I sensed something special about this CALL to COME. The Lord longs to sup with us. In fact, He longs to sup with us so much that He allowed His body to be broken and His blood to be shed for the sake of communing with and covering us.

Not only does He stand at the door of our hearts knocking to bring us into salvation, but He also knocks day to day to bring us into greater revelation of who He is and who we are in Him. It is up to us to listen for His voice and open the door so that He can come in and dine with us. He is the Bread of Life. As we break bread with Him, we receive all the sustenance that we need to flourish.

All throughout the day and even into the next, the words “Come to the table. Come take a seat,” continued to ring out. As I pressed in and inquired of the Lord some more, it became clearer and clearer that He is calling us out of our personal places of Lodebar and into our rightful places as sons and friends of His. The “Lodebar life” has left many famished and flustered, when it is the Father’s good pleasure to bless them. May I remind you that we are heirs and joint heirs. May I remind you that every good and perfect gift comes down from above. May I remind you that we have everything that we need pertaining to life and godliness. May I remind you that we are His Beloved. Assurance of these truths is found at His table.

We each have a secure seat at His table. We don’t have to earn these seats. We simply embrace the seat that we have already been given. All that we need is at His table. He is calling us to His table and repeatedly requesting that we be seated. There is no table better than the one where we can dine with the Divine and find peace and purpose in His presence. This is the place where He wants to meet. We need every word that proceeds out of His mouth. He is our daily BREAD. Do you want to be well fed? “Come to the table. Come take a seat.”

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