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Comforter of the Downcast- A Word by Dannette Lynn



“Your weakness will be My outlet to honor you and not your humiliation. I
have a plan for you and everything is falling into place. I will help you
so don’t be afraid. You are now getting repaid for your pain. I will show
you the way to go and I will Shelter you. Have no worries. Lay your burdens
down and relax in My refuge. I will provide your every need and more. Trust
Me even when you are unsure of what is ahead. What you are about to receive
will be a much greater blessing than any trouble.

I give you rest from the battle.

I know that you have been tossed and afflicted by the lashing storms. I
have seen how you have been bashed down by the raging waves with battle
fatigue. Have confidence in Me. I am kind and have no plans to punish you.
No weapon that is formed against you will prosper. If anyone attacks you,
don’t for a moment suppose that I sent them. If anyone should attack,
nothing will come of it. I have given you peace, security, and triumph over
the opposition. I am The Sovereign mountain mover.

The expression of My love is an action, a privileged gift to provide
for you and to protect.

There is no suffering or distress that can ever separate you from My love.
There is nothing threatening, impending or things to come that will ever
distance you from My help. Rest in the safety of My Ahava love. As
a Husband loves His cherished wife and as a Father adores His beloved
child, so is My love for you. I have tender affection for you and I chose
you. My love for you is not based on what you do. I love because I am Love.

Ahava Love


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Love never brings fear, for fear is always related to punishment. But
love’s perfection drives the fear of punishment far from hearts. Whoever
walks constantly afraid of punishment has not reached the divine revelation
of love’s perfection. Do not be afraid, I will not reprimand or punish you.
Do not fear — you will not be disgraced again. No matter what happens, My
love for you is endless. I will forever keep My promise to take care of
you. This Promise is a legally binding declaration that gives you the right
to expect.

This is My promise to you! A declaration of what I will do!

Afflicted and storm-battered one, it is time to rebuild you with honorable
stones. You’re going to take new ground and receive abandoned treasures.
Make your prayers large, full with thankful decrees. Immediately cast down
any negative thought. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of hope and drive
the tent pegs deep. When you pray, you must believe and not doubt at all.
Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe with absolute trust and confidence
that it is granted to you, and it will be. Clear lots of ground and enlarge
your hopes! Expect good things today!”

Written by Dannette Lynn

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A Word from Joel Yount

The Eagle And The Snake

A year ago while walking at a park an Eagle had flown right over me carrying what looked like a dead snake. The one thing that amazed me was how low the Eagle was flying as it flew above me. It was as if God was highlighting this occurrence that I had never experienced before.

Before seeing the Eagle and the snake, I had been walking around the park praying and declaring scriptures for breakthrough regarding a situation. Leading up to this time, it seemed as if there was an escalated season of attack from the enemy as someone had attempted to shut the Spirit Fuel website down. However, God stepped in and the individual responsible for that attempt did not succeed. Praise God!

Pay Attention To Signs God Reveals To You

God had stepped in many ways in only he could do. The escalated attacks had ceased. The Lord revealed to me that the Eagle had represented His power and protection coming down and taking the enemy (the snake) out of his place.

The Lord instructed me to send this testimony out today because He wants to remind many of you that nothing is hard for Him. He will send signs in the natural that relate to what is going on in the supernatural.

The prayers and declarations of saying scripture out loud at the park had activated something in the Spirit realm I believe. One important action I had taken before this event was sowing several seeds into different ministries. This act stretched my faith. When I saw what God did and how he turned the enemy’s plans upside down I was amazed. God is turning the enemy’s plans upside down in your own life today! Do something in the natural to activate the supernatural in your life today.

Right now I encourage you to sow a seed of $50, $35, or $25 into Spirit Fuel and name it “Breakthrough” as an act of faith that something will shift in your situation. By sowing a seed today into Spirit Fuel, you will be helping to reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team and resources to maintain the Spirit Fuel platform. I want to encourage 15 of you reading right now who want to go to the next level and take a step of faith and sow a seed of $100, $500, $1,000 or more. (Breakthrough testimonies have come in from this.)


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