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Prophetic Insight

Confidence in the Dark in Kislev- A Word by Christine Vales

Month of Kislev = November 9 thru December 8, 2018

Are you afraid of the dark? As I child I was afraid of the
dark. I had to sleep with my bedroom door open and the hall
light dimmed. I suppose it gave me some kind of comfort. The
glow of the hallway light gave me the ability to rest. That is
what this month of Kislev is all about. The word Kislev
actually means “trust, rest and security.” In this month where
the days are growing shorter and the nights are growing longer,
the Lord is reminding us that He is our light in the darkness.
When we draw near to Him, He draws near to us. He illuminates
our path so we can walk through this month in His confidence.

In Kislev, as the days grow darker, the Chanukah menorah shines
brighter and brighter! Chanukah is known as the “Feast of
Lights.” Here’s a little background on Chanukah. During the
second temple period, the altar of the Lord was abandoned and
soon desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanes, a Greek invader. The
Maccabees were a strong priestly family of Israelites who
refused to just watch the temple be defiled. They hammered the
enemy and recaptured the temple for the Lord. In order to bring
the temple back into use, the temple needed to be cleansed and
rededicated. The word Chanukah actually means “dedication.”
Amongst the devastation of the temple, a small flask of
sanctified oil was found. This amount was only enough to keep
the lampstand illuminated for one day. However, miraculously,
the oil burned brightly for eight days. Hence, Chanukah is
celebrated for eight days commemorating the miracle of the oil.
What lesson is the Lord illuminating to us in Chanukah? Do not
abandon the altar of the Lord. Let us stand firm in the Lord
and His ways. When we choose to stand, we become like a
lampstand and He lights us up with His light. He will multiply
our offering and will bring hope to us and loved ones along our

The month of Kislev is also called the “Month of Dreams.” As
the nights grow longer, we may find ourselves going to bed
earlier. This is a month to watch our sleep patterns,
especially our dreams. “He gives to His beloved even in his
sleep.” (Ps 127:2) We all dream and the Lord may speak to us in
dreams. It could be a dream of warning or encouragement for our
future. It is interesting to note the Torah portions for the
month of Kislev have more dream references than any other time
of the year. The portions in Kislev, Gen 28 through Gen 44,
include dreamers like Joseph and Jacob. This is truly the month
of dreams! May we be aware of how the Lord is communicating to
us while we sleep. Let us ask Him to reveal any mysteries in
dreams like He did for Daniel. (Dan 2:28) May we commit both
the dreams of the night and those in our heart to Him.

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Amidst the dark night sky of Kislev, the Lord shines brightly
through the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a picture
of the archer. The Lord underscores this trait through the
tribe of Benjamin who were known as “Masters of The Art of The
Bow.” May the Lord show us our targets and teach us how to
shoot straight, move quickly and cut our losses this month.
Benjamin was the beloved son born to Jacob and Rachel. When
Rachel took her last breath immediately after giving birth, she
named her son named her son Ben-oni, “son of my pain.” Jacob
however quickly spoke a new name over him calling him Benjamin,
“son of my right hand”, which was his true identity. May we
find our true identity in Him this month.

The Hebrew letter highlighted this month is the letter
“Samech.” Samech means “to lean upon or to support.” It is
always reassuring to have someone to lean on when the days grow
dark. Samech also depicts coming full circle. Do you feel like
you are coming full circle this month? Although this is the
ninth month of the Hebrew calendar, it is the last month of the
Gregorian calendar. He longs to be our support into 2019. May
we lean upon Him and trust Him with our future even if it
appears dark or uncertain to us. May we be encouraged for even
the darkness is as light to Him. (Ps 139:12)

In this month of Kislev ask the Lord to identify anything you
have been keeping in the dark. May you allow His light to
expose it and bring healing to you and others. Are there areas
of your life where you have let your guard down? Ask the Lord
to give you zeal and knowledge as He did with the Maccabees.
May you be extra mindful of your sleep patterns and ask the
Lord to keep you alert to hear His voice, even in your day
dreams. May you glow through Kislev like the menorah of
Chanukah, shining brighter and brighter every day with the
miraculous Light of the world Himself, Yeshua! (Prov 4:18)

Christine Vales


A word by Dana Jarvis

I decree you are making the spiritual journey from the bondage of Egypt into your promised land of destiny. I know you have grown weary. Do not let the murmurings and complaining attitudes rule you. It causes the faith to waiver! Your focus is upon the cup of bitter waters that you are currently drinking from.

Rest assured that your God is making these bitter waters sweet!

You shall taste and see that the Lord is good! You are going to see such extravagance in your daily life. He is delivering much into your hands so reach up and take hold. Just as he was with you before, he is with you now. You are going to drink deep of the Living Waters. The bitter waters of life have tried to steal all joy.

However I hear the Lord say, “It is done, I am the Lord who heals you. I am the Lord who will restore you. I am the Lord who will provide your every need. I am the One that is making the bitter waters sweet!”

I feel so strongly that God is removing your cup of bitter waters you have had to drink for so long. He is causing a turnaround for you in a situation that you desperately need him to move. I am speaking to several and know this word is for you. Even as the Lord led Moses and the children of Israel from their bondage at the Red Sea, it still took one step of faith. One step of faith is all it takes to cause a release from all of this. Take a moment and sow into good ground by giving into Spirit Fuel. For just a contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 or more given into Spirit Fuel is an active step and good ground on which to sow. It is a powerful ministry reaching the world for Christ. As you sow that offering, it is that act of faith that will cause the Red Sea where you are standing to part in your life. The bitter cup will be removed and the sweetness of the Lord shall begin to flow!


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