Signs and Wonders

Connie Hunter-Urban: ANGELS AMONG US


kristis feather
Two years ago, a lovely young woman with beautiful, long, brown hair came for prayer in my ministry line one Sunday morning. Though I didn’t know her, she said she’d just been diagnosed with advanced cancer and her name was Kristi. We prayed that morning and the next week, too, when she again sought me out. I didn’t see her for about a month until one day she was at church, no longer sporting that straight brown hair but now a cap on top of a bald head. That day was the beginning of a love and friendship that developed between her and me. She was twenty years my junior, and at first it was a mentor/mentee relationship but soon became much more. She had a stability, even though her circumstances were tumultuous; so it wasn’t always me speaking into her life. She often had wisdom that superseded her years and spoke much into me, too.

From the beginning, Kristi’s diagnosis changed her walk with God. She was no longer satisfied with religion as usual but threw herself with everything in her to finding the deeper things of God. As she searched for the answer to the catastrophe that threatened to usurp her life, she found something much richer. She grew in her gifts as God used her to help others. Then, something else began to happen on a regular basis. Along with the rest of us, she experienced signs and wonders like gold dust, but a regular occurrence for her was that angels’ feathers fell wherever she was. I believe the first time she experienced their dropping on her was as we worshipped in our house following a streaming teaching. Her eyes were wide with wonder and a little disbelief, but that soon changed. She regularly had this amazing sign delivered as angels came around her for whatever purpose God had ordained.

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Signs and wonders have been around since recorded time, but my husband and I have seen more in the last five years than in our entire lives. We’ve become accustomed to feeling angels and sometimes even seeing them, but Kristi’s constant feather gifts were beyond our experiences. Her amazement was contagious. Just like she attacked her illness with faith and positivity, she shared her angel visits with anyone she could. Even scoffers couldn’t deny that multitude of experiences. She touched the lives of everyone when, as her body was diminishing, her spirit woman was growing stronger daily.

During her recent time in hospice, I went to see her regularly, so I was planning on going on Tuesday. Monday night was our home streaming, and each person there was thinking of our Kristi because each person had been touched by her life. Most people had left when one lady, Cynthia, called. She had misplaced her house key and asked me to look on the pew in our living room. When I lifted the cushion, there, perched behind it, was the largest angel feather I have ever seen. I wouldn’t have found it in time to take it the next morning and pin it on the pillow beside Kristi’s head if Cynthia hadn’t “accidentally” misplaced her key (which she found right after that). The picture with this article shows that magnificent sign that once again came for God’s little girl. This time, though, it was there to celebrate her homecoming.
Yesterday I lost one of my best friends. Kristi is now worshipping at the throne and walking among those angels who have generously shared their feathers with her during the last two years. She was inspirational to all of us. To everyone—friends, family, or even strangers—she talked constantly about “My God” and “My Jesus.” She worshipped through her pain. She grew in God and impacted other, as she never let negative words come from her mouth. And she saw signs and wonders that most people will never experience. Some have said that Kristi was an angel among us. I think she just got to know the angels very well.