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Connie Hunter-Urban: Positioned


hills and crags

This morning, I saw a vision of my husband and me standing in front of a great water that I thought was our own Red Sea. Then the Lord spoke one of my favorite passages from Scripture. When Moses was positioned at his Red Sea with the impossibility of the sea looming large before him and the huge Egyptian army coming up from behind, God spoke to Moses to “Go forward” (Exod. 14:15). Impossibilities would’ve overtaken that large group if they stood still and didn’t proceed in faith. Then, their inactivity would’ve become their destruction.

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However, as I looked around me, this wasn’t flat desert land but rather filled with hills and crags that overlooked the place where God would bring deliverance and direction to the Promised Land. Many of those people around me were ready for battle–sitting on horses, suited up in armor, and carrying their spears–but they couldn’t go forward. They were positioned in places where going forward was impossible, so they could only watch what God would do. Many were on hills and crags where going forward would mean plunging to their own destruction. Before they could find the place from which God wanted them to proceed forward, they needed to come down from the high places where they had taken up residence while they readied themselves for battle. Then they could re-position to where God could make both a way for their escape from their enemies and entrance toward their destiny.

As a new year is breaking upon us, let the high places where we reside not be idols that we’ve erected and grown comfortable with but rather the heavenly places where we can sit with Jesus, hear His heart for us, and receive new vision (see Eph. 2:6). We can’t reside in our past revelations but receive new revelation that makes us look forward then go that way. Let us proceed in confidence in the task that’s impossible with man but is possible with God because we’re positioned where He wants us to be as He leads us to places we can’t imagine.