Joe Joe Dawson

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Recently, I had a prophetic vision where I was standing in an airport at the baggage claim. I knew in the vision that I was in one of my favorite airports. This particular airport has a conveyor belt that is used for baggage claim that is over 100 yards long. At this airport, when the luggage is being transported from the plane you can hear the conveyor belt running. In the vision, the luggage had not yet arrived at the baggage claim but I could hear the conveyor belt moving. Over the loud speak, every few minutes you would hear someone say, “The luggage is coming.” The people who were standing around the baggage claim started to turn to each other and talk about how they each needed to get their luggage and leave. I had the sense in the vision that each of the people weren’t sure where they were going but were prepared to leave as soon as the luggage arrived.

Then I heard the Lord say, “You can hear the conveyor belt running. You know that everything you need is on it’s way to you, it just hasn’t arrived yet. You are well prepared for the trip ahead of you.” This vision is powerful because just like the people in this vision, there are so many in the body of Christ who are prepared and ready for what God will do in the next season of their life. However, it just has not reached them yet. Many have fasted, prayed, sown seed, and made themselves ready for where God wants to take them. Many have positioned themselves to receive what they need and then be on their way.

So, you may feel like you are ready to run and be dispatched for Kingdom purpose but wait for the conveyor belt! Everything you need is on its way to you, you just have to be there to receive it when it arrives. The promises and prophetic words that God has promised you, the thing that you have seen in your mind so many times is on the conveyor belt and it is moving towards you! As soon as those last few things arrive, you will be ready to lay hold of them and run! So don’t be discouraged the conveyor belt of Heaven is moving everything you need for the next season your way. Get ready!