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Prophetic Insight

Count the Cost! Insist with Your List!- A Word by Edie Bayer

During my prayer time recently, I heard the Lord say,

“This is a new season of abundance, one unlike any other that has
come before!”

Needless to say, I was excited! Many of us can use abundance, including me!

Around the same time, the Lord asked me, “Do you know what you need to do?”

When God asks those kinds of questions, I answer in the most honest way
that I can: “No, Lord. What do I need to do?” He responded that I needed to
make lists to pray over.

He said, “like you used to do, a long time ago.”

I quickly agreed. I knew exactly what he was talking about! When I first
became serious in my Christian walk, my friends and I used to make lists
and pray over them, together and separately. We had no idea how powerful a
thing it was!

I grabbed a brand new notebook and started. I made a list of things to pray
over, things that we NEED to fulfill our God-purpose, including the “cost”
of each item. The list was very specific, with very specific items and

I got the impression as I made the list that He wanted me to

focus in with pin point accuracy on the things that He wants us to have

! I gave each item to the Lord, as well as permission to change my list: to
add to it or subtract from it. After all, it was truly His! Then I prayed
the list.

Soon afterward, I came upon Luke 14:28 in which Jesus talked to the crowd
about counting the cost:

For which of you, wishing to build a farm building, does not first sit
down and calculate the cost [to see] whether he has sufficient means to
finish it?”

WHOA! That is EXACTLY what I had been doing…counting the costs! But what I
was doing with my list was different! It was nothing like I had been
taught! See, this particular verse had always been quoted in a way that was
negative. It had always been spoken over the body as if we never had
enough, so we’d better sit down and figure out a way to scrimp and save. This verse had always been presented with a poverty mindset!

But that’s not what God meant! When God and I sat down to make our list, it
was not poverty thinking at all! It was more like,

“Make sure you put enough down, because we want to be absolutely
certain you have enough, and ask for a little more – just in case!”

God wants us to have enough to accomplish what He wants us to do! He is not
a God of poverty! He has more than enough, because he IS more than enough!
What we need to do is A.S.K.!

“Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will
find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to

(Matthew 7:7 AMPC).

God owns everything, even the entire earth!

“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness of it,”
(Psalm 24:1 AMPC).

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He owns all the cattle (see Psalm 50:10), all the silver and all the gold,

“The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine, says the Lord of hosts,”

(Haggai 2:8 AMPC).

If Daddy God owns everything, and we are heirs and joint-heirs with Christ
Jesus (see Romans 8:17), then WE OWN IT ALL, TOO! When He tells us to put
something on our list,

He is allowing us to make a supernatural withdrawal from our heavenly

Remember the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32? Here is another story
that is always preached in a negative way! The Prodigal asked his Dad for
his portion of the inheritance before his Dad died, and his Dad gave it to
him. THEN, when the prodigal got back home, His dad gave him even more!

Don’t you see? That’s US – you and me!
We can have our inheritance before we die, because when we get back home to
heaven, He’s got still more waiting for us! We just have to ask! The older
brother doesn’t ask, so he doesn’t receive. By not asking, what he DOES get
is angry and jealous!

We are to ask!
Just like the Israelites leaving Egypt, whom God commanded to require of
their Egyptian neighbors their gold and jewels, we are to ask Him for it –
even insist upon it with our lists – to strip Egypt and Babylon of its
valuables! This is the transfer of wealth!

“But every woman shall [insistently] solicit of
her neighbor and of her that may be residing at her house jewels and
articles of silver and gold, and garments, which you shall put on your
sons and daughters; and you shall strip the Egyptians [of belongings
due to you],”

(Exodus 3:22 AMPC).

Do you not have enough? Maybe you are not asking for enough! Ask for MORE
than enough! Insist with your list in prayer, like the widow woman
and the judge (see Luke 18:3-5)! She got justice, and so will you!

The Lord is asking for very specific lists because they are actually
withdrawal slips for our heavenly bank accounts!

We are lining out exactly what we need, and how much we need to withdraw!
He has wanted to give us these things for a long time, but the fullness of
time is now! It’s finally here! However, we cannot leave out the fact that
each is for the glory of God! We have to ask HIM what He wants us to pray
for, and then pray for it to get it – because He wants to give it to us
anyway! It’s in the BOOK!

And it’s NOT just money! Although my list was mostly funding for various
items in this new season, I also included wisdom requests! God is a God of
wisdom, and He will give it to us liberally (see James 1:5). As another
example, one of my friends has wanted to get married for a very long time,
and now he is! Another of my friends has walked into a business for which
she had absolutely no capital investment – and yet is now a full partner!
It was just handed over to her! Another person I know is getting his
heart’s desires fulfilled supernaturally – a change of career with a Bed
and Breakfast and Retreat Center!

All of these were on someone’s list that they insistently prayed to the
Father! Now God wants your list! In fact, He wants you to Count the Cost and Insist with Your List!

Pray this:
Father, please show me what you want to give me so I can put it on my list!
I want to make a supernatural, heavenly withdrawal from my treasuries in
heaven! You know what I need for this new season and how much that will
cost. Thank you for showing me clearly what that is, so I can count the cost and insist with my list! In Jesus’ Name!

Edie Bayer


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