As a Teacher and a Prophet, Daniel is now in full-time national and international ministry; operating heavily in Word of Knowledge,  Prophecy, Teaching and Healing; he is continuing to speak forth Personal Identity and Destiny into the Members of the Body of Christ and to Reveal the Father’s Heart to those who are His!

Crossing the Threshold of 2023! – A Word by Daniel Pontious

Daniel Pontious


As this New Year begins (and starts to take shape) you may find yourself in places you never thought you would go! The Lord is going to open doors that cannot be shut by man! He’s going to Move mountains and obstacles that in the past seemed immovable! He’s going to Release access to places in His Kingdom that were closed to you and previously inaccessible to you before.

New seasons and New Years bring Next Level experiences to bear, they also cause the things of the past to dissipate behind you. In this New Year don’t look back, in fact take the rear view mirror off of your life! Watch as the Holy Spirit sets you free from the shackles that have held you hostage to the years before, and causes you to Run not trudge your way forward. The Joy of the Lord is going to be released this year in your life, like never before, and the pain from past words, hurts and experiences will not be remembered anymore!

This a New Day, with a New Beginning, and as we enter in through the Veil Of 2023 expect the Holy Spirit to meet you with fresh Revelation prompted by fresh expectation of His Plan for your life unfolding in greater ways than ever! 

Never underestimate His Love or His acceptance of you, for those two things are His promises to you forever!

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for Good and not for evil, to bring you Hope in your final outcome! Jeremiah 29:11”

This is the year to DISCOVER WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

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