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Daughter of the King: No Ordinary Princess Part 3


According to the times and seasons set by the king, Beloved’s days were filled with joyous wonderment at each new discovery of all that she possessed as the daughter of the king. However, most precious was the knowledge of her father’s faithful love. Beloved hardly resembled the same girl who had arrived months earlier. The new Beloved was confident; joy and hopeful expectancy of what was to come radiated from within her, as she trusted in her father’s goodness.

Beloved experienced the king’s abundant provision each day as she joined him at his banqueting table, where she feasted on the richness of fare and drank from the river of delights until she was satisfied. One day, while finishing up a particularly delicious feast, Beloved turned to her father, looking at him intently,

“Father, I love you! You are so loving and kind, perfect in all of your ways. All of your intentions towards me are for good!”
Receiving the fullness of her words, he smiled, “Come, I have something to show you”.

Intrigued, Beloved followed the king to a room they had been in many times. However, Beloved had never noticed a rather rustic looking curtain that covered the back portion of the room.
“Beloved, you have learned my heart and my ways. You are ready for that which I have been preparing for you. On the other side of this curtain, is the room of the knowledge of wisdom and revelation. It contains some items that you will need for the journey ahead.”

He pulled back the curtain to reveal a suit of armor, a piece of honeycomb, and a leather-bound book of love letters. But most impressive, was the large sword, adorned with precious jewels of every kind. Its edge highly sharpened, ready for battle. Knowing her thoughts, the king began explaining the significance of the sword.

“When you wield this sword, know that this is not just a physical sword, but a sword of the spirit, which is my words. Use its power to subdue kingdoms and gain new territory. I am a king of promises, which I have spoken from my mouth. Take up these promises of mine in your own mouth and see what I will do.”

Next, he took up the leather bound book of love letters. Beloved noted that it already had her name engraved on it, “for my dearest, Beloved”.
“This volume will remind you of all the things I have ever said to you and more. It is filled with my love language of promises to you. Learn to speak my language of love that you may wield its power with your sword”.

The honeycomb’s sweetness drew Beloved’s attention. As she breathed in its fragrance these words came to her mind, “how sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether, sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them your servant is warned, in keeping them there is great reward.”

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At last they came to the suit of armor. “As you place yourself in the armor of my protection, you will be able to stand when adversity comes against you. Remember I have given you all you need for that which I call you to. Today, I give you my authority to reign in my stead through my great and precious promises. Only say the word, and I will do it. Anything you ask, I will give to you. What is your desire?”

A torrent of emotion erupted from Beloved as she answered his question, “Oh, my father! My heart breaks that there are so many in this realm that do not know you! They think you are a harsh ruler, ruling in judgment, not love. I ask that you would reveal your love to them as you did to me.”
Greatly pleased by her request, the king replied, “I will do it. I have something else I want you to see”.

The king walked her up a winding staircase that led to a tall tower overlooking the entire land. As they gazed out, the king placed his hands over Beloved’s eyes and said, “Behold, receive your sight to see as I see”.
Suddenly, a whole new understanding opened up to her. Over the land, she was able to perceive there were many others who belonged in her father’s kingdom, but had no idea that they were called as sons and daughters of the king.

Beloved knew that this is what her father had been preparing her for. She was to be a messenger to bring them to their father, the king. To tell them of her father’s love and all that he had done for her. A new joy and a deep satisfaction settled deep within her soul as she prepared to enter into her destiny.

As the sun settled over the horizon, Beloved’s beautiful voice could be heard as she sang:

Who am I in Christ? I’m a daughter of the King, clothed with loving kindness, robed in royalty. He paid the price for me with His life giving blood, though once a hopeless orphan, now I’m in His family.

(chorus) It feels so good to be loved! Accepted just for who I am! What a place to be in His hand set free. I’ve found a haven of rest for my soul.
Who am I in Christ? I’m His pure beloved bride clothed with His authority reigning by His side. Free from all my past, from failure, guilt and fear. Chains of death now broken just because of what He did.

Satan’s only tool is to cause me to believe, lies that I’d accepted that held a grip on me. But Jesus told the truth, He came and set me free, now I’m learning how to walk in my true identity(song credit/words Theresa Mueller).

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Clare Johnson, is a Christian dancer, choreographer, and writer, in Vista, California. She also is the founder, director, and choreographer for H.O.P.E. Ministries (healing, outreach, preaching, evangelism), a theater and dance company that has shared the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ at women's retreats, conferences, outreaches, and prisons. She has been married for twenty-seven years and has four awesome children from ages 25-19.