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Dealing with the King of Pride ~ Wanda Alger


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The over-reaching edicts and excessive executive orders being made by the current out-going president are an indication of a spiritual strongman working behind the scenes that has long been operating in this nation. Though intercessors have seen the spirit of Jezebel “toppled” as a result of the election, the spiritual battle to keep and occupy this nation has only begun. Another principality is still at work behind the scenes and it’s called the King of Pride: “He (Leviathan) sees everything that is high; he is king over all the sons of pride.” (Job 41:34) I believe the consistent attitudes of pride, defiance against existing authorities and the ongoing need for recognition and status demonstrated by our current president (and others in his administration) are being fed by this principality that seeks to exert oppressive control and dominance over its territory. And, this spirit won’t give up easily.

Now with the national shifting of political and spiritual authorities, this “fleeing serpent” (Isaiah 27:1) is desperate to do as much damage as possible before the oath is sealed on January 20. Its purpose is to not only limit and hinder what God is doing, but to sabotage the newly appointed governments, both natural and spiritual. Knowing that its time is short, this King of Pride seeks to destroy the storehouse of God’s prophetic promises over this nation and rob us of our hope for the future.

The only way to overturn the desperate and potentially damaging last-minute executive actions from the current administration is through the rightly postured hearts of praying believers. Until this case is settled in the courts of heaven, no legal action in the natural will have much lasting impact. Unless a humbled and rightly-joined body of believers come in the OPPOSITE SPIRIT, our spiritual adversary will continue to find ways to continue his assault – even with a new president and administration in office.

I believe the Lord is calling us to a higher standard of agreement in prayer this next year.  It will not be enough to simply pray the right prayers or declare the right scriptures. Our strategy must start with humbling ourselves before one another. We must come in agreement to the purposes of God and properly align ourselves through healthy interdependent relationships. In this coming year, there is a special grace on the power of agreement, when even TWO agree on a thing (Matthew 18:19). I believe our unity is being upgraded where the measure of the fruit we see will be in direct proportion to the measure of agreement we have in walking together.

What gives power to the King of Pride is its feeding on INDEPENDENCE and EGO (Job 41:24-25). What we see displayed in the executive office in recent days is an attitude of total independence from governing authorities and a disregard for the laws of the land. (This is not a personal judgment on the individuals involved, but a recognition of the demonic influence behind them.) The very thing that will nullify the power of this demonic influence is when believers come in the opposite spirit of MUTUAL SUBMISSION and HUMILITY. It is not simply saying “I agree” or “claiming our spiritual authority” in prayer. We must demonstrate mutual submission to one another as well as honor those in spiritual authority in our own lives. This is what can ultimately overturn these attempts to block and choke off the life-flow of God’s administrations – when we ourselves are walking interdependently in humility and honor. Though the temptation may be to “come against” such a principality in some kind of spiritual confrontation, it is exactly the opposite approach that will render it ineffective and powerless.

“So the princes of Israel and the king humbled themselves and said, “The LORD is righteous.” When the LORD saw that they humbled themselves, the word of the LORD came to Shemaiah, saying, “They have humbled themselves so I will not destroy them, but I will grant them some measure of deliverance.” (2 Chronicles 12:6-7, NAS)

Perhaps rather than engaging in “spiritual warfare” we need to simply submit in humility and agree that He alone is the Righteous Judge. In Isaiah 27:1, it states that the Lord Himself will deal with Leviathan: “In that day the LORD will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, With His fierce and great and mighty sword, Even Leviathan the twisted serpent; And He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea.” (NASU) This means that we do not have to fight this thing. “Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you.” (Deuteronomy 3:22 NIV)

Our call to intercession right now is not just a call to humble ourselves before God, but to humble ourselves before one another. We must lay down our own pride and any temptation to be independent of one another. We must lay down offenses towards those in spiritual authority and honor those whom the Lord has established as rulers and governing authorities, including our own pastors and shepherds in our communities (Romans 13:1). We should seek to pray with others, especially our spiritual leaders, so that God’s favor and blessing can be released to the fullest.

It is from this place of humility and agreement that the King of Pride will not only be overthrown, but displaced. Heaven’s desire is for the body of Christ to become so unified, that we are literally “one man” (Philippians 1:27). It is this kind of interdependence and mutual love for one another that will render the enemies of God powerless.


A Word For You Today
by Joel Yount
The Eagle And The Snake
A year ago while walking at a park an Eagle had flown right over me carrying what looked like a dead snake. The one thing that amazed me was how low the Eagle was flying as it flew above me. It was as if God was highlighting this occurrence that I had never experienced before.
Before seeing the Eagle and the snake, I had been walking around the park praying and declaring scriptures for breakthrough regarding a situation. Leading up to this time, it seemed as if there was an escalated season of attack from the enemy as someone had attempted to shut the Spirit Fuel website down. However, God stepped in and the individual responsible for that attempt did not succeed. Praise God!
Pay Attention To Signs God Reveals To You
God had stepped in many ways in only he could do. The escalated attacks had ceased. The Lord revealed to me that the Eagle had represented His power and protection coming down and taking the enemy (the snake) out of his place.
The Lord instructed me to send this testimony out today because He wants to remind many of you that nothing is hard for Him. He will send signs in the natural that relate to what is going on in the supernatural.
The prayers and declarations of saying scripture out loud at the park had activated something in the Spirit realm I believe. One important action I had taken before this event was sowing several seeds into different ministries. This act stretched my faith. When I saw what God did and how he turned the enemy’s plans upside down I was amazed. God is turning the enemy’s plans upside down in your own life today! Do something in the natural to activate the supernatural in your life today.
Right now I encourage you to sow a seed of $50, $35, or $25 into Spirit Fuel and name it “Breakthrough” as an act of faith that something will shift in your situation. By sowing a seed today into Spirit Fuel, you will be helping to reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team and resources to maintain the Spirit Fuel platform. I want to encourage 15 of you reading right now who want to go to the next level and take a step of faith and sow a seed of $100 or more. (Breakthrough testimonies have come in from this.)
Joel Yount
A Team Member At Spirit Fuel
Wanda Alger
Wanda is a recognized Five-fold prophetic minister with Dove Christian Fellowship International and an ordained minister. She is also on staff at Intercessors for America as a Field Correspondent. Wanda ministers along with her husband, Pastor Bobby Alger, at Crossroads Community Church in Winchester, Virginia, which they planted in 1998. Follow her weekly blog at

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