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Sandi Holman was called to the nations as an End-Time Handmaiden in 1984 with Gwen Shaw and also served with YWAM Singapore and YWAM Charlotte in missions traveling over 16 nations.  She has served the body of Christ as a 700 Club Counselor, Theophostics Counselor, Chaplain, Pastor, Teacher, Speaker and Equipper. She is an author, Prophetic Intercessor, Seer, and Blogger.

Declaring Our Strategic Advantage For Turnaround – A Word by Sandi Holman

Sandi Holman

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Our Loving Heavenly Father spoke clearly to me early this morning. He said, “Do you truly understand the power I have given you to just DECLARE my word?

Do you realize that you are making an announcement of what will be carried out and established on earth as it is in heaven? You are literally operating in your dominion authority as you activate the power of my word, says the All Powerful One. You have entered a moment of reigning in your God-given authority and taking back all that the enemy is endeavoring to redefine through mind control and witchcraft. Tell my servants to stop pleading with me to intervene and start using the weapons of your warfare and take back the land. I am enabling you this day to press on with an unstoppable tenacity. You are well able to bring to birth the very thing that is causing your heart to beat again. Speak my word in power and you shall have the desire that originated in my heart for you, says the Father. Never forget my GOODNESS! Never let go of my promises. You shall have the thing you are carrying in your heart with an undeniable grant from Me to you for I am the Lord of Turnaround, Justice and I am balancing the scales as you enter a time you shall speak of as Unprecedented.”

Job 22:28 states, “Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

Dictionary: Definitions and Synonyms are from Oxford Languages (Google’s English dictionary is provided by Oxford Languages).

Adjective: Unprecedented simply defined means Something Never Done or Known of Before.

As I searched out the synonyms of UNPRECEDENTED, this is what I discovered: unparalleled, unequaled, unmatched, unrivaled, ordinary, unusual, outstanding, striking, exceptional, unheard of, and second to none.

I DECLARE this is a time of great NEW Beginnings. I decree that all unfinished Kingdom business is being put into divine order.

I DECLARE that God’s people are putting their houses in order.

I DECLARE that Unprecedented Changes are on the horizon.

I DECLARE that Unprecedented FAVOR is surrounding and covering the Remnant bride as they receive the Unprecedented Changes taking place.

I DECLARE that God’s people are learning using their prophecies to challenge their circumstances in Jesus name.

I DECLARE that the God of the universe lives in our hearts and leads us by our spirits.

I DECLARE that God is changing, rearranging, and restarting everything that has come to kill, steal and destroy His creation, His people and His plans.

I DECLARE that no one can stop His Plans. I declare we serve an Unstoppable God.

I DECLARE that God has sifted, separated, and shifted us to make up ready for what is coming.

I DECLARE that He has lifted us up higher to dwell with Him in the Secret Place as He orchestrates His plans for a perfect alignment of His people. 

I DECLARE there is coming a great gathering of LOVE, PEACE and JOY in the midst of chaos, unrest and confusion.

I DECLARE that those that swallowed the pill of compromise during the enemy’s onslaught of lies shall see I am perfecting the things that concern you and I am preparing you for a great heart change.

I DECLARE that wherever the enemy has sown division, we shall begin to see God bring a multiplication of healing, restoration, and understanding.

I DECLARE that I am the God of more than enough and I shall supply all your need. Lack has no place in you.

I DECLARE that I will not pass judgment on what I do not understand but I will trust in the wisdom and character of my God who is all knowing.

I DECLARE that I will guard my heart with all diligence for out of it flows all the issues of life.

I DECLARE that God is repositioning, realigning, and carrying out His plan for His people to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.

I DECLARE that the Lord is carrying His people forth from a small brook of provision to a mountain of abundance in this Unprecedented time of His favor.

I DECLARE that the Army of the Lord is advancing AS ONE in this hour to rule and reign.

I DECLARE that God’s remnant army is being positioned as influencers who are following the revelation of the Word of God and are fulfilling their purpose and call.

I DECLARE that it is time to simplify and move quickly without any vacillation or indecision.

I DECLARE that I am totally depending on God as my source and not my bank account.

I DECLARE that I am cooperating with God as He is Aligning for His Assignments to carry out the end-time outpouring of His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven.

I DECLARE that God’s people have the STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE for Victory!

I DECLARE that every hindrance that was sent to stop us and keep us from fulfilling our purpose shall come to light and brought to nought. I declare all hidden agendas are being exposed.

I DECLARE that we are stepping into our open door to Divine Connections for our best life is just ahead. I declare we have been developed in the dark to be a carrier of His light.

I DECLARE that all religious rituals that are blinding God’s People in your area to be broken.

I DECLARE Expansion and Enlargement to come in every area of your life.

I DECLARE a release of Supply Lines for every need.

I DECLARE God is exposing the Saul and Judas spirits and His people shall know the TRUTH.

I DECLARE that His unconditional love shall spread among those who are chosen to lock arms in this time of great havoc.

I DECLARE that I am an OVERCOMER. I have trained my ears to hear and my heart to obey.

I DECLARE that I will have a military mindset, totally focused and ready to destroy deception and walk totally armored in TRUTH.

I DECLARE I will walk in my true identity in Jesus Christ. “My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26 NKJV.

“When the wicked are in power, lawlessness abounds. But the patient lovers of God will one day watch in triumph as their stronghold topples!” Proverbs 29:16 TPT.

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