Angela Swan is a friend of God and is married to Jamie. They live in Bloomington, Minnesota with her three beautiful children. Angela‘s heart is to see people empowered by the Holy Spirit to walk in their identity in Christ as sons and daughters of their King and from that place be launched into their purpose and destiny. 


Deeper Still – A Word by Angela Swan

Angela Swan

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There have been many battling fear, troubling symptoms, word curses, confusion, worry and sicknesses, among other difficulties. These things are screaming they won’t let go. They have come with the intent of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy from the family of God. It has felt like a ceaseless and hopeless holding pattern. These symptoms are not you nor do they belong to you. They have already been covered by the blood of Jesus.

Rise up, people of God. It’s time to slay the giant that’s been taunting you! Don’t lay down and accept these attacks against you, your family or your land. YOU are the VICTOR here! You are courageous to conquer whatever has been sent to block you in your path. Don’t listen to the roaring lion, your adversary. ROAR back by speaking the word, like Jesus did: IT IS WRITTEN!

Speak the word of God over all the oppression. Apply the blood of Jesus over your mind and every lie. Ask for Jesus to anoint your head with oil. Speak blessing over yourself and your family, your church, your neighbors and nation. Pray blessings on others!

You have been summoned by the Spirit of God to take your place for such a time as this! Yes, YOU! No longer on the sidelines, God is calling you to the frontlines. Village life ceased until Deborah arose as a MOTHER! I believe mothers are being mantled afresh! Your Father is affirming you! Deborah’s name means “bee.” The root word of Deborah means “oracle, to speak.” As Deborah led with Barak against the enemy who had 900 chariots with iron-rimmed wheels, they pressed harder and harder under there was nothing left of their oppressive enemy but a memory (Judges 4:24). A hammer and tent peg were used by Jael. These tools represent the powerful Word of God. They had already been given the word of victory over their enemies before going to battle. YOU have too. Prophetically, this is the year of divine recovery and we will recover all with overflow!

Submit to God whose word says His heart is to prosper you and not harm you. He wants your soul to prosper and for you to be in good health. He has hope and a future for YOU. Align with the TRUTH, not feelings. Your enemy WILL flee! If it feels you are surrounded by swarming killer bees, He will help you overcome them by His supernatural power until you have triumphed over them ALL (Psalm 118:12).

You have not done something wrong to deserve the abuse of your enemies. Stand in Jesus’ finished work and overcome by the BLOOD of the Lamb, the WORD of your testimony and love not your own life to the death. His blood made atonement for your soul (Lev. 17:11). Jesus’ blood paid for every sin. He overcame ALL the power of the enemy on the cross. DECLARE: My family and I are off limits to the enemy because of the blood! Enforce your victory! Take communion. Apply His precious blood over your family and your home. Ask for His fire to burn away everything that doesn’t belong to you (Song of Songs 8:6-7). DECREE: I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb out from every old cycle of the enemy.

Jesus is breaking open the way to bring you into his glorious freedom and a beautiful broad place. You are worthy of His love and affection. Your Father loves you. Draw near to HIM. Come closer to His heart. Don’t run in busyness. The enemy is trying to discourage and distract. Run to the secret place. Draw near. DEEPER STILL (Song of Songs 5:2 TPT). Listen to His revelation secrets He wants to speak to YOUR heart. He sets up a feasting table for YOU, even in the presence of your enemies.

You are His beloved child and radiant Bride. His special treasure. His chosen one. His voice is loving and affirming of you. His words are comforting. He gently leads those with young. If you’re hurting, He wants to carry you close to His heart. The voice that condemns you or says you don’t measure up, you’ve messed up, you’re beyond help, you don’t matter and would compare you with someone else or speak ill of you IS NOT THE VOICE OF YOUR FATHER. Don’t dialogue with it. You have the authority to condemn it (Isaiah 54:17). I decree over you: NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU (Luke 10:19).

He’s bringing us BACK TO LIFE to live and abide in the reality of His love being the root and source of our lives. Rest in worship—play the song Back to LIFE (Bethel song). “The enemy thought he had you, but Jesus said, YOU ARE MINE!”

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