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Over the next 4 days many will feel the SUDDEN and POTENT delivering power of God in their lives. Where you have felt held back but unable to move forward, in bondage but powerless to break free you will feel the anointing that will DESTROY the yoke that has been warring against your advancement. While the refining fire of God is preparing you right now for LAUNCH in 2019 the enemy is trying to surround you with obstacles and chain you to any stumbling block he can, BUT watch the deliverance of the Lord come swiftly for you.

I keep seeing vision of oil being poured over peoples heads and know that the Lord is intensely and ferociously waging war against the long standing battles of the mind that have kept many timid, bound, and ineffective and His healing balm is setting them free and commissioning them for the new day ahead.

Don’t settle for empty inspiration as you cross over into 2019 but long for his POWER that will bring results and tangibly catapult you from obscurity and defeat into the dreams He has dreamt you would walk in.

Holy Spirit I pray that everyone who reads this would be delivered of every demonic assignment that has been coming against their life. Come in power and set them free. Witchcraft and words that stunted and stilled many – BE BROKEN in Jesus name. Every tormenting, oppressing, lying, and blinding spirit that has been veiling people LEAVE in Jesus name. Every demonic assignment to shut the mouths of your mouthpieces BE BROKEN in Jesus name. Every assignment against your home, children, finances, marriage, health, and future MUST END NOW in Jesus name.

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Prophesy with me – I am entering 2019 FREE, WHOLE, and full of fresh HOPE, ANOINTING, PASSION, and FIRE in the mighty name of Jesus!

Nate Johnson

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