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Deliverance In Your Midnight Hour! – A Word by Dana Jarvis


The Lord began to show me a vision of so many people down upon their knees travailing in prayer. Then I could see a large clock above their heads as it struck the hour of midnight. These people I see are in the midst of their darkest crisis, their deepest valleys and have been struck with such anxiety and rampant with fear. We all have been to that place! It is our midnight hour!
However I hear the Lord say, “Hold on, your victory and deliverance is coming in this midnight hour!”
Remember that Ruth was introduced to Boaz in the midnight hour. Paul and Silas sang in their midnight hour and that song reached the very throne room of God. He brought the prison doors off their hinges to deliver them. I say to you again that your victory and deliverance is breaking through in your midnight. He has embraced you and caught your tears.
For those tears, you shall reap thousandfold.
I decree deliverance in the middle of your midnight hour. You are in between the hour when the darkness will be chased away by the piercing light. You will see a new dawn unfold before you. Your prayers have not been in vain. Your tears did not go unnoticed! The song of your cries have reached the throne. God is shaking up this prison that is trying to hold you back. He is tearing down some walls! He is shaking some things up and doing some rearranging in your life. Your Deliverer is thundering onto the scene of your situation. A fresh oil is flowing for you in this midnight hour. In Jesus mighty name, deliverance is coming in your midnight hour. Victory is yours!
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