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Did You Read This Yet? I Saw A Giant With No Name… – A Word by Jennifer Eivaz


While praying last week, I entered into another prophetic vision. In this vision, I was standing on a very large fighting mat in a sports arena. Before me stood a large giant with no name. It had the head of a dragon and I could tell it was being supernaturally restrained from harming me.
I recalled in that moment hearing from a minister last year about battles with unnamed giants and had noted it as I felt then and now it was significant. We read in 2 Sam. 21:20 (GNT), “Then there was another battle at Gath, where there was a giant who loved to fight. He had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.” In the context of this passage there are other giants mentioned, but all are named except for this one. Through this passage and this vision the Holy Spirit began to speak.
He said:
New Giants
New Battles
New Victories
New Rewards
We see from HIs written word, that His church on the earth is transforming from glory to glory. Going from glory to glory, however, involves going from battle to battle and victory to victory. Whenever you overcome something, you are rewarded with spiritual authority, with heavenly glory, as well as the “spoils” of war.
He also said to me again, “A NEW WEAPON IS BEING FORMED” and this statement has been something I’ve been praying into all year. Apparently there are battles up ahead that we don’t yet have the arsenal for, but new weapons are being formed because He sufficiently equips us to fight.
Then He told me that there are people in battles right now that they can’t explain. Battles that have never been fought before, battles so deeply spiritual that language hasn’t been developed yet to describe them.
If that’s you, He told me to tell you this:
He is preparing a new warrior class
You will be given language to articulate it clearly.
You will overcome it.
You will lead others out of it.
Finally, He told me that I will go against the unnamed giant and win a victory not won before. I’m not sure why this is significant, but He said that I will name the giant and that others will do likewise. Finally, a stronger anointing for deliverance will be released to the church. It is an anointing to deliver people from deep darkness and deep hurt.
I am praying for you,
The Praying Prophet
Jennifer Eivaz

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