Maryfrances absolutely loves Jesus, and has always dedicated her life to serving him as a woman of God, wife, mom, and professional nurse. In her mid-adult years Jesus called her to form and direct the para-ministry Nurses for the Nations for over a decade, and serve Christ in distant lands as a lay nurse, and medical missionary.

While sharing the heart of Jesus with people groups unknown to the gospel, Mary also equipped medical teams and lay people as the ministry administrator to share the tangible message of the gospel, teach and train indigenous people groups, and administer compassionate care to unchristianized tribal families throughout developing countries in the world. Today in her later years she continues the call to missions and discipleship as a lead mission mobilizer with other leaders in the Christian community. In addition to mission activity, she is an author, prayer warrior, and minister to others through gifts of healing, deliverance, discernment and the prophetic. Mary’s testimony about her prior ‘incurable’ form of blood cancer, and God’s authority and power which saved her from a devastating terminal infirmity is uppermost with her witness. She is still alive today and thriving, despite her past medical diagnosis and ‘genetic based’ malignancy that affirms the faithfulness of God, and his power and authority to heal and make whole. She declares the healing authority of Jesus to those in need through her book “The Victory Dance of God, His Promise of Healing is Yours, and her online faith community called H E A L I N G for one which brings inspiration and hope to others by declaring God’s power and promises through scripture.

Divine Positioning – A Word by Maryfrances McMahon

Maryfrances McMahon


My husband and I had the opportunity to spend some time on one of the small sandy beaches in Florida near our home. We packed a light lunch, and brought along all of our gear (umbrella canopy, and two new beach chairs we were excited to use for the first time)! The day was absolutely beautiful; the sun was warm, the sky was soft blue, and there was a gentle westerly wind rhythmically pushing the crystal-clear sea water back and forth as far as the eye could see.

I felt a deep sense of quiet, as I received an impression from the Holy Spirit that he wanted to speak to me about something. I experienced these moments before, and learned to settle in, rest and quietly pray; while waiting for his revelation and outpouring of love for me which always accompanied a feeling of awe from His presence. We had been to this particular beach before, and I was always fascinated by the flocks of beautiful white birds that would fly by on display, and ride the crests of the winds above us. I felt a bit disjointed for the reason that this day was different. There was not one bird in the sky, which seemed odd to me.

As I closed my eyes, and relaxed from the lulling sounds of the sea water, I suddenly heard a cacophony of birds swarming above me. They appeared out of nowhere which surprised me because they made their immediate entrance right after I remarked to myself that I missed their presence. It was as if my Father heard me, and sent them quickly along their way to me in order to draw attention to them, and teach me something.

As I watched them move thermally above the water, I noticed a perfectly formed ‘v’ formation among them, and thought of the word ‘victory.’ They glided easily with each other off the crests of the wind currents, giving them each enough thrust and momentum to stay high above the sea line without undue stress or unnecessary wing work. They simply soared, in unity, trusting each other to make the necessary movements to propel them forward in the direction they needed to go. Their structure, pattern of flock movement and streamlined coordination gave them soaring ability and victory through their combined maneuvers one-to-another that glided them easily. They trusted each other’s positioning as they soared, while surrendering to the breeze velocity which carried them to their designated place.

As I continued to look up, I noticed one of the birds broke formation, and decided to fly on its own. I couldn’t help but notice how hard it was working. The bird was straining, and furiously flapping its wings to follow the same path as the others while keeping its distance. For some reason, it moved counter-intuitively to the other birds. It’s decision to go it alone suddenly struck me. As an independent renegade, it thought it could make the journey ahead without the rest of the community of feathered friends to help support it along the way.

Then the Lord spoke to my heart, and gave me a word for the body of Christ.

Oftentimes in our Christian community, we decide to ‘go it alone’ in ministry thinking that as leaders, we have all that it takes to fulfill the divine assignment the Father has given us. We start to move independently in the body of Christ. We ‘act’ as if we are a part of the whole, but resist submitting to the counsel and care of others, listening to holy feedback, or accepting divine revelation or discernment that brings with it checks and balances to ride the crest of the ministry winds that come our way. This is the man spirit or strongman in each of us that originates from the soul, or sin nature, and not the Spirit of God. Scripture tells us that the heart is deceptive. The Father set the perfect model for us through His son Jesus, and twelve apostles for our community of believers to do our appointed works while building each other up in the body of Christ so that all may be a part and benefit. As leaders, we are called to remain humble by never acting completely on our own or working by ourselves, but sharing and coordinating our spiritual work with the rest of the flock. By acknowledging and utilizing the unique gifts of others to support us in this work, we share in the divine positioning created by the Father and His infinite wisdom in knowing and understanding the weaknesses of man. He has provided us with every good thing from above (including each other) to help us complete our godly assignments through grace for His honor and glory.

Ephesians 4:16 “16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

Finally, There are many parts in one body, and every part has a different gift and function. Even though we function as one, we are one of many that is knit together for the work of Christ Jesus. When each of us come together, we form the completed ‘fullness’ of that work so that through this unity of purpose, and love for one another we can testify to the glory of God, and not ourselves.

Today, let us thank God for this ‘Divine Positioning’ which supplies us with all that we need to fulfill the Great Commission to which we’ve been called.

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