Mandy Adendorff is a visual artist, author, prophet and founder of Firehouse School of Supernatural Ministry. The trajectory of her life was dramatically altered when she, a Jewish teenager had a supernatural encounter with Jeshua Messiah. She has not stopped releasing the good news of the kingdom at home and abroad for over thirty years.

In 1998 Mandy, her husband Stuart and their two daughters immigrated from South Africa to the United States. Mandy is passionate about seeing the movement of the Spirit in New England where she and her husband are based. Website:

Division In Families Is About To Break This Christmas – A Word by Mandy Adendorff

Mandy Adendorff

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Division in families is about to Break this Christmas

The Lord gave me 2 dreams and a very unusual word that He would visit homes and families in a supernatural way this Christmas of 2022.


I dreamt on the 13th of December that there was a window, a portal from heaven in someone’s kitchen and a daughter climbed upward through that heavenly opening.

The following night while at our gathering I shared the dream about the window from heaven and I received a word that God was going to supernaturally visit families this Christmas in their homes. At the same time another leader shared about her dream also from the previous night; in Elizabeth’s dream, her father was dancing joyfully united with his daughter who has been a prodigal, as Elizabeth witnessed the seemingly impossible reconciliation in her dream she was filled with intense supernatural joy. The Lord is drawing prodigals back to Himself and He is also reconciling estranged families.

The Stars

That night, I went to sleep and had another dream of a kitchen. This time I dreamt that there was a glowing star supernaturally suspended in the atmosphere of my own kitchen. The star was like a European-style paper lantern with many points and with a light glowing from inside. I awoke from the magnificent dream with the phrase ‘North Star’, the star that led to Jesus at his birth. After investigating the lantern star I found that this star is called the Moravian star. The Moravian star originated from a revival in Germany in the 1700’s. It started in a most unusual way, there was terrible conflict and division within a Christian community and a young man Zinzendorf responded by crying out for reconciliation and revival. A few days later God answered by pouring out His Spirit of reconciliation with signs and wonders, and the people were filled with supernatural love for each other. From this small revival grew an authentic God-breathed missionary movement and a 24/7 prayer fire that didn’t stop for 100 years.

The spirit of Division is Breaking off Families

God is about to do something significant in families this Christmas. The dreams of the supernatural visitations in kitchens point to God meeting us in the heart of our homes, the place where gather to prepare food, eat, clean and do real life together. The kitchen is not a church but it is the family meeting place and this Christmas something of the Spirit will be born in houses that traditionally was born in churches. Jesus supernatural power is going to manifest in the heart of the home where the food is prepared and where life happens. God is preparing to bring the felt revelation of Christ’s kindness into the homes of believers and non-believers, there are going to be unusual manifestations of reconciliation of families that have been estranged and broken. The spirit of division that has marked many families over the past few years is beginning to break off in this season as Jesus the light of the world shines over homes in a way that will cause people who haven’t seen His star before to behold Him.

A Moravian Christmas Visitation in our Homes

Christmas can feel spiritually dry because for many of us we get focused on taking care of family and other stuff so that our awareness of God and His presence may feel distant. But Christmas of 2022 is marked to be a season of reconciliation by the Spirit of God as it was with the Moravians hundreds of years ago. The star has been spotted and the wise must follow it with prayer to see the full manifestation.

Prayer Strategy of the Wise

#1 Pray in agreement for the Father of lights to come to homes as He did in the Moravian revival.

Let’s pray like Zinzendorf to bring His supernatural reconciliation between men and God. Do you know that God answered this young man’s prayers in a matter of days? The unusual reconciliation of families will be a sign and a wonder that is just the beginning of even greater things.

#2 Pray with joy and anticipation for His desire to manifest as Christ the Reconciler starting in our own families, neighborhoods and beyond.

God has released His word and made known His desire to reconcile people and bring a Christmas revival. His fire will join with our prayers of agreement. We must pray with joyful, bold faith as God’s chosen people whom He loves to respond to.

#3 Declare and speak out loud the word that ‘Christ is the reconciler of families now, in this season, in our own homes and extending outwards’. Name your family members and neighbors and more as the Spirit leads you.

And may we share together in the joy of a glorious Moravian Christmas, for the Lamb’s reward!

A Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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