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I received a Word from the Lord about His power, and I believe it is for the seasoned Christian who may be stuck or not fully operating in your assignment. Many times we get stuck trying to figure it out, but in this season…I believe God is speaking directly to us without sugarcoating it. There are times when He is the teacher and times, when He is the mentor.

The Resurrection Power is in you, so BELIEVE IT…DO IT!

The power of the Living God is all you need. All you want. And all it will take in this season and time in the earth. And you must learn to use your mouth. Your voice. Your authority in the spirit.

This is the time for the seasoned Christians to no longer depend on someone else’s strength, anointing or revelation, but each of you will have to ARISE. I am raising you up and calling men and women to go to the nations and speak. Speak what you hear from the Lord. Speak truth. Speak with clarity. Don’t shrink back, but RISE UP.

It is critical for you to…

· Stay in the secret place

· Submit yourself to His Holy Word

· Praise

· Pray

Father God will wash you, and purify you in His presence. That way, you won’t be tainted by the world and contaminate His prophetic word. As seasoned Christians, I ask you to receive this powerful word in love. He speaks so direct to me, and I believe it is time to be released…

Many of you are getting stuck in your minds, and He wants to remind us that the Resurrection Power is in you and me, so we must BELIEVE IT and DO IT!

I heard…

· There is no room for what you think.

· What you heard that didn’t line up with your perception.

· I don’t want to deal with trivial things.

· You have been in My presence long enough and should be stronger than you are.

I am lovingly telling you to stop with the trivial things in this season. But I am firmly looking at you.


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· It is time for you to grow up and feel the urgency, and be willing to act quickly and move on a dime.

· Pray when I say pray – go when I say go – give when I say give – and speak when I say speak.

I am past you wanting to understand it all, and I don’t have time to explain it all to you. This is the time to catch it or learn it on the fly… we are moving quickly. The pace is accelerating. Keep up. Learn to keep the new rhythm. The rhythm of My heartbeat. When My heartbeat increases, the pace will increase, and it is all in perfect timing.

I have anointed you to walk in miracles, signs, and wonders. Step out in faith. Book the flight. Build the house. Lay hands on the sick. Pray for your neighbor.

The resurrection power is in you, so BELIEVE IT…DO IT!

· You have the POWER.

· Act like it.

· I don’t have any more POWER to give you.

· You have to believe you HAVE IT and start Speaking and Doing.

This is a season of ACTION.

I would rather you do something, and I have to re-align you, than you do nothing.

I am pleased with GREAT FAITH…

Great Faith puts a DEMAND on My WORD, My LIFE, and My BLOOD.


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