Don’t Give Up! That Is What The Enemy Wants But You Are About To Advance And Gain Territory! – A Word by Dionne White

Dionne White is a wife and mother who operates primarily as a seer prophet. As a kingdom creative she is a prophetic painter, prophetic writer, content creator and minister who has a passion to see people free, healed, and whole in Christ Jesus. She has a deep love for the body of Christ and desires to see His bride come into their inheritance in righteousness, purity, and power, walking in their God given authority and identity. 

Dionne is a spiritual mother in the body of Christ who equips, instructs, nurtures, and pours into others in the way of developing their spiritual gifts, cultivating relationship with Holy Spirit, and mentoring other creative disciples. She gives herself to create and release the beauty and truth of God in all that she does.  Dionne operates in the mountain of the arts, religion and carries a mantle of healing, intercession, justice, purity, and peace. Her life and published works continually call the bride to a higher place in Him; ultimately to bring glory to God. She and her family now reside in Waco, Texas where they are a part of establishing God’s work, Mercy Culture Waco. 

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Don’t Give Up! That Is What The Enemy Wants But You Are About To Advance And Gain Territory! – A Word by Dionne White

Dionne White

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Expansion is upon you! Do not quit now!!

The enemy is releasing all he has right now to keep you from taking ground and expanding territory! He is ok with you occupying where you are right now doing the same thing you did before. He doesn’t bother you if you are not advancing. He won’t bother you as long as you don’t move out your tent pegs and pull back the curtains!

If you have been moving in the direction of expanding and gaining new ground, then you probably have been under attack! This vile oppressive spirit has been amped up, tormenting your mind and even wreaking havoc on your emotions!  Confusion and defeat are at its core!

This vile voice says, “give up”, “you might as well quit”, “it’s no use!”

It’s all lies and his attempt to discourage you and get you to not only abort and desert your current position but to keep you from advancing. If he can get you to believe and agree you will not advance and succeed in victory, then he has already won. Don’t partner with the lie!

Don’t give in to it!

You are advancing and taking ground and that’s why he is resisting you to a great great degree. He knows you are about to gain territory and occupy. Ultimately the kingdom of God is gaining ground through you! He does not want that. But he has been found out!

There are many facing this deep oppression right now with the thoughts of quitting, but I say do not quit. You are on the brink of breakthrough and advancement. Your promotion is at hand.

Do not quit!

Do not retreat!

Do not abandon your post!

Be encouraged, this oppressive attack is a good sign. Stay sheltered up under the Most High, be still, be vigilant and fervent in prayer, standing firm in faith and wait on the deliverer. Wait!!

Your day of deliverance and breakthrough will come, and it will come swiftly. And when it comes it will be clear. resurrection life will fill you again, and the day of celebration will be upon you. All for the glory of God.


Dionne White

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