Signs and Wonders

Doors and Crowns



Are you hungry? Does everything inside of you want to see God glorified, and to see His power  manifested on this earth? Do you dream night and day of His power flowing through YOU?  That is ME!!!!

One day, that hunger and desire inside of me was overpowering. I could feel it, taste it, see it. Been there?  As I was walking around my living room, praying and asking God that He would flow through me in a mighty way, He clearly spoke to me. This is what He said:

“I am going to open doors for you that no man can close, BUT, if you do not walk through them, someone else will get your crown.” (Revelation 3:7-13)

You see, prophetic words are exciting! Promises from God bring us joy! Since it is a new year, there are many of them right now.  However, they will do us no good if we back away from them when God opens those doors!

The fact is that hearing the word is easier than walking it out.

Let me encourage you to determine NOW, TODAY, that you will not allow the cares and distractions of the world  consume your mind and heart this year. Stay focused on Him!

TODAY, decide that you will not allow fear or intimidation to keep you on the seemingly safer side of the door. Remember that HE is with you as you walk through them.

Determine NOW that criticism and misunderstanding from others will not stop you. Seek HIS approval and see HIS smile as you move forward.

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People need the healing power of God that resides inside of you. Many are right now praying that God would send someone to them. Some are asking God how they can know Him. You have the answers! You have the Holy Spirit inside of you!

There is a “well done” waiting for you, a crown, and best of all, seeing the smile of our Father!

May this new year be filled with new adventures for you and may everything inside of you say “YES” to God.

Let no man take your crown!

Love and blessings,


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