Dream Visitation from Jesus – A Word by Gene Martin

In a dramatic encounter with the Lord, Gene Martin heard the audible voice of God. He received a message for God’s people and as a result, became a bondage-breaker. Gene ministers in the prophetic and the supernatural. His passion is for prayer and cultivating the presence of God. Gene’s ministry is focused on bringing practical application to the Word and demonstrating the power of God to heal and break bondages in people’s lives. Gene is the founder of the National Prayer Tower, a vision for bringing revival to America and awakening the church to the Father’s Heart for them. nationalprayertower.org
Dream Visitation from Jesus 
A Word by Gene Martin
I was taken in a dream, in a vision of the night, on April 4, 2020, into another realm.  Jesus took me on a His rounds as He visited with the Covid-19 patients in a very large facility, perhaps like the Javits Center in New York.  I walked between the beds with Him and He answered my questions about many things as we went.  I was observing at the same time, the things He was doing.  Jesus was checking on patients and He was standing by their beds as they passed into eternity.  He was always hopeful they would turn toward Him and accept Him, but many did not.  
Jesus was so sad when one would go into the night without acknowledging Him.  Some of them even actively rejected Him as they were dying.  It was a very sad thing to see.  He was not pushy, He was just there, hopeful they would respond.  It would only take such a small response to Jesus; He was so patient and waiting. I was able to feel His pain to some small level at being rejected.  Every one of them was important to Him, every one of them was loved by Him, but so many were dying and didn’t know He was there.  I saw some who felt His presence, but for some reason, turned away from Him in their dying moment, rolling over in bed to face away as they passed into eternity.  Jesus was somehow by the side of all of them at the same time. Jesus was instructing me at the same time.  His eyes were so sorrowful.
I saw Jesus touch some people and heal them.  Jesus was also checking the equipment some of the staff were wearing.  I saw Him touch a clear plastic face shield that had an invisible crack in it.  The crack was instantly filled and the shield made whole.  Another nurse had a face shield on a little bit crooked and Jesus grabbed it and twisted it ever so slightly to cover the exposed part of the persons face.  He was protecting them.
Jesus wanted me to know and share with people that He will be returning soon.  I asked Him this question, “After you return, what will the next phase on earth be about?”  He turned and looked me straight in the eyes and smiled a big smile.  He looked very hopeful as He said, “the next phase will be all about your Messiah”.  
I awoke at that point.  I immediately felt comforted.  I was comforted to know that Jesus is actively monitoring the patients and persons affected by this virus.  I was comforted to know that everyone is invited to humbly ask Him for His help, even in their last breath, He was ready to respond.  I was comforted to know Jesus never left them or forsook them.  I was comforted to know Jesus was not punishing people with the virus and was still hopeful they would respond to His presence.  I was comforted to know that Jesus was not sending people off to an eternity without them having the opportunity to choose Him.  He was right there and hopefully waiting for them to ask Him to save them. 
 I hesitated to add any opinion and would almost rather let this dream speak to the reader in whatever way the Holy Spirit would like.  I want to convey the earnestness of the message; Jesus is returning soon.  Kingdom people we must get the message out to the community.  Winning souls must become more of a focus, not only around the world, but right here in America! We must be ready for the age to come, the age of Our Messiah!
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