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Dusting In The Dark – A Word by Autumn Dawson

I was recently cleaning our home and dusting in my son’s room. I had the window open and the beautiful Texas sunshine was shining in through the window. In the sunlight, I began to notice there was dust everywhere! I could see dust in the air, on the lamp, on shelves and the baseboards. I was surprised at how dusty the room had become because I like to keep a very clean house! However, I wasn’t aware of the dust or the state of things until the sunlight shone on some of the areas I had overlooked.

The Lord began to speak to me through this and began to show me that we aren’t always aware of what is really going on in our lives. Maybe there are little hidden areas in our lives that we haven’t been tending to. Maybe we have blinders on and can’t see the truth in certain situations in our lives. This is why we need the light and revelation of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This is why we need good mentors and Godly counsel in our lives to shine light on things that we may not be able to see in ourselves.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “When you go at life alone, it’s like dusting in the dark.” Just like in my son’s room, if I hadn’t opened up the blinds to let the light in, I wouldn’t have seen all of the little areas that looked clean but actually were not clean. When we go through life alone, we may be able to see and tend to some major areas that are obvious to us but unless we have accountability and community of other believers we will miss little areas that need to be addressed. Good mentors, leaders and friends will shine light on areas that need to be addressed not to punish you but to help you get free!

The truth will expose everything so that it can be made right. Daily time in the Word of God and in prayer is like dusting in the light of day. Surrounding yourself with people who love you and believe in you enough to speak truthfully to you is like opening up the window and letting the light in. Have you been dusting in the dark? Do you have any hidden areas in your life today? Do you have other believers speaking into your life? Allow the Holy Spirit to shine light on those areas. Don’t dust in the dark! God doesn’t want to punish us, He wants to bring us into truth so we can walk in freedom and healing. Get really good at saying yes to God. Make it a habit to allow the Lord to call you higher!

Autumn Dawson

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