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“Embrace (With Video)” ~ Christine Williams

“Embrace them… and clearly see the mystery in My Church, My Wife, revealed.”

Precious Ones, come to Me now, saith your Lord. Come before it is too late. Children, come. Bring with you all that you can gather. My Sweet Hearts, come. Daily, bring with you all who will come. Bring Mine; bring them all. Don’t wait to count them. Do not take the credit for them. Bring them into My heart and My Way. Come now.

This is the final harvest. This is the end-time gathering. Bring them to Me — because you took the time to witness to them, and because you took the time to love them as you love Me, saith the Lord. Bring them to Me so that I, and I alone lead and guide them while they are still here on earth.

Now, assure them a seat next to you in My heavenly congregation. Bring them into My love and comfort, and My peace that comforts, Amen Amen and again Amen. This is every Christian’s commission, calling, and job. Bring them to Me! They are in far better hands as they rest within Me. They linger in My heart forever and bring Me great delight.

Children of God, you are Mine as you bring the newness of Christ to earth. Become as I am and visualize your own ministry as something I have given to all. See that My one Body, which is who I am, rules over My Kingdom as I sit on My throne (see Luke 17:20-21). Sit with Me as you both receive, and take up your commission: My own commission and ministry through you.

Embrace all who will receive Me. Usher them into My love — within you. Literally, embrace them as if they are Mine; they are. Embrace, and My Spirit moves from one to the other. Embrace, and I move from one piece of old flesh into another, and bring Eternal Life today! Embrace them within My sincere and unconditional love, and clearly see the mystery in My Church, My Wife, revealed. Embrace, Amen Amen and again Amen (see Eph. 5:23-32).

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Allow Me to lead you and guide you daily, Children, Amen.

This love letter, from our daily devotional:
“Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children”

should be read together with
“We Begin To Unfold The Mystery Of My Church”

Both letters discuss the “Mystery of Christ’s Church and Wife”.  You may also want to watch the “Go Along” Video: Oct20/21 “The Mystery Of My Church” & “Embrace” (1-2 and 2-2) (that goes along with both these love letters. You’ll find this on our YouTube Channel ChristsLoveLetters



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