Eruptions of Revelation! – A Word by Daniel Pontious

As a Teacher and a Prophet, Daniel is now in full-time national and international ministry; operating heavily in Word of Knowledge,  Prophecy, Teaching and Healing; he is continuing to speak forth Personal Identity and Destiny into the Members of the Body of Christ and to Reveal the Father’s Heart to those who are His! facebook.com/daniel.pontious 
Eruptions of Revelation!
A Word by Daniel Pontious
This morning the Lord showed me an old fashioned well in the Spirit realm and as I was watching, someone came to the well and began to draw water from the well with their bucket.
I watched this process of them putting their bucket down into the water and the ensuing labor of them drawing it forth, then the Holy Spirit declared, “in the past this is the way you have drawn waters from Me, but I Am going to cause the Waters of your Life to become like a geyser instead of a well! The Waters will come forth to you as though they were Living Waters!”
“He who believes in Me [who cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me] as the Scripture has said, FROM HIS INNERMOST BEING SHALL FLOW [continuously] SPRINGS AND RIVERS OF LIVING WATER.” John 7:38
There are Waters of Revelation coming in this season over many of us and where we have felt (in the past) the labors of having to go and draw it from the well in our own strength (or even draw from the well of another), the Holy Spirit is going to cause the wealth of Revelation that He is bringing forth, to manifest like a Geyser in your life in the place of a bucket!
The Bubbling up of the Waters is going to continue to increase as we invest more and more time in the Washing of the Water of His Word (Ephesians 5:26). All of the sudden the waters you were having to draw forth before, are going to erupt upon your life when you least expect it!
Geysers are often unpredictable in their eruptions, for it happens as pressure builds up inside the earth, forcing the Waters to the surface (sometimes) with great intensity. These waters (once on the surface) bring life, transformation and change to the dry landscape around them.
I prophesy ERUPTIONS OF REVELATION are going to come upon your life as the Holy Spirit builds up intensity inside of you and begins Bubbling more of your IDENTITY and DESTINY forth TO THE SURFACE of your existence!
This is a season of intense pressure, the release of incredible Revelation and transformation of everything touched by that Revelation, as God transforms the Deepest parts of your life into Geysers of Restoration and Revival!
Remember that you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and He is carrying all of the Truth about Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God and what your place and Destiny in all of it is! It’s time to tap the Deep places in Him and watch Him transform your Well into a Geyser of Living Waters!
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