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Spiritual Growth

Escalator Season – A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

Have you ever had one of those times where you’re just starting to wake up but you’re not fully awake yet so you’re still dreaming? The Lord gives me a lot of visions during those kinds of times. Recently, I was having a dream that turned into a vision. In the vision, I had just gotten off of an airplane and I was in an airport. I was walking through the ground floor and there were hundreds of people moving around, going many different directions. I was maneuvering around the many different people trying to move fast to get to my next gate. I was unable to move very quickly because all of the people were going so many different directions and blocking my path. But I didn’t let anyone stop, I just kept moving forward. Finally, after stepping over people’s luggage and maneuvering around I reached the escalator. Once, I stepped on the escalator, I took a deep sigh of relief.

When I got on the escalator I heard the Lord say, “Take a deep breath and rest.” Then the Lord showed me immediately that when you get to this place in your life, you are not actively doing anything. But because you have reached the escalator, you are doing two things: moving up and moving forward. When you are on an escalator you move up and move forward at the same time. The Lord spoke to me again and said, “There are many people that if they could get to this place in their lives, they would experience and acceleration in their lives that they would not believe.”

In the vision, once I was a third of the way up the Lord said, “You can go double speed if you want to. You can start taking the steps up if you want to. While I am moving you upward and forward at the same time you can go double speed.” I started moving up the steps on the escalator and when I got to the top I reached a long clear hallway where everyone was going in the same direction and moving quickly.

In the next part of the vision, I boarded the airport tram and it shot forward taking me very quickly to my gate. When I got off of the airport tram, I boarded a very large, very nice airplane. One that was going to take me quickly to my next destination.

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After I had this vision, the Lord said to me, “Everyone is somewhere in that vision.” What the Lord showed me was that there are some people on the ground level where there is chaos. Everyone is moving in a different direction and no one is moving quickly. Some are on the ground level because of delays, some are caught up with their baggage. Some of them don’t have a clear direction of where they are supposed to be heading next. There are also those that have fought through the chaos, refusing to slow down, and have reached the escalator. When you are on the escalator you can rest and relax because God is moving you up and moving you forward by the Spirit. Then there are those that have reached the next level and they are surrounded by people who are all going in the same direction and they are moving forward quickly. There are also those that have reached an accelerated speed with people on the tram. Then there are those that have boarded the plane. These are those that are pointed towards a specific direction and are being elevated to move into what God has for them at a rapid pace.

I challenge you, where are you in this vision? God is looking for those in this hour to keep moving forward. Ask yourself where is the Lord wanting to take you? Everyone is on one of these levels in their lives. It is up to you to keep moving forward past the obstacles. Surround yourself with people who are all moving in the same direction as you. This is an escalator season for many! The Lord has seen you breakthrough and He is moving you up and moving you forward at the same time.

Joe Joe Dawson

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God said to tell you, "Don't write it off cause it is not over!"

A word by Dana Jarvis

I come with a message for the enemy today. God said it is time for him to cough up what he has taken from you. I release an anointing of restitution over each one reading these words. I know some things have been taken from you, but God said get ready for restitution. From Genesis to Revelation, and even now, God is our Restorer! The valley of dry bones represented every area of human need and brokenness.

Every bondage, every struggle and oppression! However into that valley of despair came a word from God! I know I am talking to some people today when I say that you feel like your bones have been stripped bare and hung out to dry, you know who you are and the enemy has attacked you and stolen from you. God said to tell you, "Don't write it off cause it is not over!" The devil is going to cough up your goods!

Restitution means a legal action causing to serve restoration to a previous state or condition. There is a legal action taking place in the Spirit right now. The thief has been caught and the rat has been identified. The Judge has issued an order to him to restore all he stole from you. To also add to that, he wants it given back double for your trouble. This is your set time of restitution and restoration! God remembered Hannah and gave her a son! God remembered Noah and dried up the flood. God remembered Samson and anointed him one last time and God remembers you! The same God that spoke to David is speaking to you right now! You shall pursue, you shall overtake and you shall recover all! So give God some serious praise right now and as you do, you are going to do some serious damage to satan's kingdom! You are going from the pit to the palace!

Time for the devil to cough it up! It is time for double all that the enemy has stolen. Right now for every love offering of $50, $35, $100, or $500 sown into this powerful ministry, I declare that double in your life. Restoration to you double in Jesus mighty name.​​​​​​​ Release His hands into your finances. Give an offering in this moment of grace for breakthrough. Thank you for supporting Spirit Fuel!


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