Exchange Your Warfare For A Crown – A Word by Sharell Barrera

Sharell Barrera is a prophetic revivalist who has a heart for revival, healing and transformation. She is the founder of Sharell Barrera Ministries within Facebook, reaching the nations with live videos that impart the healing power of God. She is the author of Take Back Your Land, a hand book for the journey of obtaining your birthright as sons and daughters. Sharell is an Apostolic Reformer and Revival Hub planter her heart is to release identity and healing over the lost and broken through the love of God. Based out of Washington, Sharell and her husband Melvin are passionately pursuing revival together with their 5 children. Pastoring 509 Revival Hub in Tri Cities, WA. Sharell also travels the world releasing and imparting Revival. Her ministry has seen thousands of miracles with doctors reports. Website: sharellbarrera.com

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Exchange Your Warfare For A Crown – A Word by Sharell Barrera

Sharell Barrera

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I started to feel a heaviness come upon me. I went to the Father and He so lovingly gave me a vision. I saw myself exchanging my warfare for a crown. I could hear Him say, “Exchange your warfare for a crown.” In that moment, I remembered I am a King’s daughter! I was created to rule with peace and authority. I am royalty. I talk like my Father, I look like my Father, and I rule like my Father.

I feel the Spirit of the Lord saying, “this will be a year of the Eagles, Lions, and the Doves taking flight!” We will scope out the lands, we will see things coming before it’s time, and we will speak destiny and release peace over the nations. I hear this: “Your losses will become gain, your heartache will turn into joy, your fight will turn into victory, and you will rule with crowning authority!”

I really sense God is wanting us to expand our faith he wants us to believe that this year our biggest dreams will come true. God put that dream inside of you for a reason and a purpose and “it’s time.” This will be a year of standing on the water with the Father! Things will come at you but you will not be moved. You will just stand and have faith. You will know when to speak, when to move and when to go forward. Ministering angels have been sent out on your behalf. Just receive all that He has for you. Exchange all the baggage, warfare, and past hurts for your crown. You were made for so much more.

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