Luc Niebergall lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Sophie. He is the founder and director of Royal Identity Ministries and functions as an itinerant minister throughout the nations. Luc extensively trains and equips the body of Christ in leadership, friendship with God, the prophetic ministry and many other principles of the kingdom of God. Luc serves the body of Christ as a recognized prophetic voice and develops healthy prophetic cultures where God can move and speak. Luc has developed and planted several ministry schools and has been featured on television and radio. He is the author of six books. Website:

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Extremely Honest Post – A Word by Luc Niebergall

Luc Niebergall

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I remember years ago, being in a specific season of life where I navigated through my own discouragement of not yet seeing doors opening in my calling. What felt like salt being rubbed into my wound was seeing others rising into who they were created to be before me. Here I was sitting and waiting, yet it felt like everyone else was sprinting into destiny.

One day, I was sitting with the Lord. I was frustrated, jealousy seething through me. The Lord spoke to me, saying, “Don’t let jealousy take route in your heart. It’s more dangerous than you realize.”

Stunned by what the Lord had said, He then lead me to a verse that revealed to me the severity of envy.

James 3:16: “For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.”

Where there is envy—jealousy—every evil this is there. This is a bold statement that shows us how poisonous jealousy is to our soul. In fact, the very first murder that took place in the Old Testament was when Cane killed his brother Abel (Genesis 4:1-16). Cane did this out of jealousy towards his brother. We can also see that the first murder that took place in the New Testament was in Matthew 2:16, when king Herod heard that a child—Jesus—was born who would become a shepherd to Israel. Herod grew jealous and declared that every male child under the age of two would be put to death. Again, we see the dangers of jealousy. The first murders in both the Old and New Testament were rooted from jealousy. Where envy and self-seeking exist, indeed every evil thing is there.

Once I began understanding the dangers of jealousy, I asked the Lord what I should do so this wouldn’t take root inside of my heart.

He replied, “Get lower. Choose humility. Begin to worship me and thank me that those who you’ve been jealous towards are walking in breakthrough. Your genuine thankfulness for what I’m doing in them is a key for your own breakthrough and for the health of your heart.”

Friends, your time will come to soar. In the time being, choosing to celebrate the victories of others keeps your heart healthy.

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