Dionne White is the founder and Prophetic Minister of Dionne White Ministries. She is a Prophetic Artist, Seer, Scribe, & Spiritual and Creative Mentor.

As a prophetic visionary and voice to the body of Christ she creates, writes, and teaches from personal experience and from the heart of God to bring awakening, exhortation, and edification with biblical truths and spiritual principles.

Dionne carries a mandate to blaze a path to peace, freedom, and healing for others and has her own personal testimony of freedom, revival, and transformation. She has a passion to unlock, equip, and develop others in the supernatural gifts and ways of the Spirit, fueling their personal freedom, revival, and transformation. Her mandate also includes raising up Creative Disciples for the Kingdom of God as she teaches others about connecting and creating with the Holy Spirit.

She is the author of “The Art of Freedom, A.C.T. ONE; AWAKE – A Creative and Prophetic Curriculum & 15 Keys to Recover from a Jezebellic Attack; Real Reflections of an Overcomer’s Life.”

Dionne is a wife to her husband Will and together they have two adult children. The couple married after meeting at the Brownsville Revival in 1998. Website: theartoffreedombook.com

Eyes Forward! Deliverance Is At Hand! Marching Orders Are Coming! – A Word by Dionne White

Dionne White

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When we came into 2023, we began a year that marked the beginning of many many years of deliverance. As the year has gone on, even with it only being March, this has only increased. I feel it strongly and can see it coming. We are stepping into many many years of deliverance for people from a multitude of things. Those who have been oppressed in several areas of their lives are being brought up out of that. Those who have been delayed those roadblocks are being removed. Those who have been derailed are being put back on track. Those who have been dishonored are being restored honor! That which is due to many of us is coming to us! The Lord has been examining these things in the Spirit and He has been signing off on vindication judgments on our behalf.  

Recently when my husband and I were in prayer going before the Lord petitioning him on some things for the future, we received confirmation of this. As we were in prayer, I received a vision where I saw the Righteous Judge sitting at his bench and desk. Before him was a stack of papers and his gavel. Court was not in session so to speak; he was doing work and looking over papers. I sensed that these were papers even of ours where he had to approve & sign off on some things. As I watched in the vision, I could see his hands tracing the words as he read. Then as he read, he would nod his head in agreement with whatever was on the papers and with a pen in his right he would sign them. I watched as he did this with several papers. After approving and signing them he would then hand it off to the right to whomever was to his right. We know that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father. So, I believe he was handing them off to Jesus and then Jesus would give them to the angels as messages to deliver the papers. For it says in His word that his angels do and carry out his words. (Psalm 103) The Father, our righteous Judge, was giving his approval for these things and releasing them into the earth from heaven.  

I explained to my husband what I was seeing as we had been praying. I said, “I do not feel that these papers are legal opposing cases or accusations. I feel like these are papers that he is examining for evidence of our lives and the lives of others. Especially where we have petitioned diligently and are due reward. I feel he is approving them and signing off on them like they are some sort of orders.” Immediately my husband said, “like marching orders.”  My spirit completely lit up, resonating with that and I said, “yes, that’s exactly what they are! THEY ARE MARCHING ORDERS AND THEY ARE GOING TO BE COMING IN MARCH!” And at that moment we began to pray into this thanking God for what he was doing and releasing to his people including us in the earth.  

But then I heard the Holy Spirit release a strong admonition he said, “When 2023 came in 2022 closed a door on the past seasons of people’s lives.” Then He said, “Let it go. Do not look back. Do not long for the former things. Do not look back like Lot’s wife. Do not even look back or long in your heart for the things of the past or the people of the past”. Then the Holy Spirit said so clearly and firmly, “Eyes forward! Eyes forward! Eyes forward! Do not look back. Do not remember the former things!” Then Isaiah 43:18 and 19 bubbled up in my spirit and it was then that I realized when I read the scripture that it was related to deliverance for the Lord is making a way out. He is making a way of escape out of the wilderness, bringing his streams to many who have been in the desert. Deliverance is here! This is the year of the beginning of many many years of deliverance. But only those who let go of the past will move forward with the LORD! I was reminded of a phrase he gave me 4 years ago. He said to me that the rate that someone moves forward with God depends on how quickly they let go of the past. So, I urge today to let go the former things so you can move forward with God and all he has planned.  

 I urge you let it go whatever it is. I urge you do not look back and be like Lot’s wife. I urge you to not remember or recall or ponder on the former things or long for them in your heart anymore. God has closed that door and do not take the key from him to open it anymore. Resist the temptation to do this! Lay aside every weight that would seek to entangle us and weigh us down keeping us stuck in the former days, even the former glory. There is a greater glory coming and He desires you to be a part of that latter rain of outpouring.  

Turn your eyes forward, set your eyes and your mind on the things above. Look to the author and the finisher of your faith and choose to endure just like Jesus for the joy that was set before him. If we do this, we will go forward to the great and exceedingly call and obtain the ultimate prize. “Eyes forward! Eyes forward! Eyes forward!” Deliverance is at hand! 

Isaiah 43:18-19 

“Do not remember the former things,

Nor consider the things of old.

Behold, I will do a new thing,

Now it shall spring forth;

Shall you not know it?

I will even make a road in the wilderness

And rivers in the desert.”

Dionne White  


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