Faith comes by hearing. – A word by Sandi McGuire

Sandi McGuire is the president of Here Comes Joy Ministries. A sought after apostolic-prophetic voice, prayer warrior and itinerant Minister. She carries a breaker anointing that cuts through areas where people are stuck. Healing areas of brokenness, paving the way for believers to deepen their relationship with Christ equipping saints for the assignment and ministry in which they are called. Sandi currently contracts with Elijah Streams Television ministry, working to further the Prophetic voice throughout the world. A frequent guest on radio, such as Pastor Joseph Parker’s Hour of Intercession, Lion Chasers Radio Show and part of the prayer network in Washington D.C. and much more.  Herecomesjoy.com

Faith comes by hearing. 

A word by Sandi McGuire

For years before entering into full time ministry I was employed and oversaw workforce services programs in California. We worked in unison with other teams and were a very close group of professionals. 

There was a young man on my team whose wife was five months along in the pregnancy of their second child. Our team was close to the family and very excited about the coming addition. In fact we were just days away from giving them a celebration pot luck. 

One particular day this gentleman came into my office visibly upset, his face was pale and his countenance was really sad. This young man was always smiling and in high spirits so I knew something was wrong. 

It turns out that his wife went to the doctor that day for a check up because the baby hadn’t been moving or showing signs of life. My team member didn’t tell anyone because he thought this was a false alarm. The doctors spent hours running test after test and couldn’t find a heartbeat. They found nothing and eventually determined that the baby had died in her womb. 

He explained what was happening and that he needed to leave work and get to the hospital and comfort his wife. We had never experienced anything like this on our team before. Normally I would have expressed my sympathy to my employee and his family and proceeded in a delicate manner regarding the loss of his baby. 

It just so happened that my church, The Rock in Anaheim had been doing a series on healing and for months we had been meditating on healing scriptures. This had caused our church to be filled with faith, hope and boldness about what God has said and that we walk by faith and not by sight. 

I asked my colleague if I could pray for him before he left and he nervously agreed. Being a former youth pastor who had lost his way, this brought a tiny glimmer of hope to him. I heard the Spirit of God say get your bible so I quickly darted behind my desk and grabbed the bible I’d been reading at lunchtime. I laid the Bible on the desk and opened it without any direction, it fell open to Isaiah 55. Knowing there wasn’t much time I began a very, very simple prayer for my colleague’s baby and his family. Afterwards I looked at the Bible and my eyes were dawn to Isaiah 55:13 that read; Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree and it shall be to the Lord for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off. I knew this wasn’t just happenstance. The Lord was speaking and out of 31,000 verses my bible opened here. 

My colleague didn’t appear moved, however there was a seed sown in his heart that no one could visibly make out that day. Feeling really nervous myself regarding prayer at work I quickly handed my colleague the bible and instructed him to keep declaring this word over his baby when he got to the hospital. It was clear that God was promising life instead of death. He thanked me and left the office that day hoping for the best, yet I could tell he was unsure how to process what just happened. 

A fellow manager in the department came over after he heard the news. My co-manager informed me that on the way out our colleague gave him the news of the death and was clearly distraught. I told him about the miracle of God and His promise in Isaiah 55:13 over this baby and how the Bible just fell open even before we prayed. This fellow manager, being full of the Word and filled with faith agreed and said “YES! This is what I’m talking about” The Lord reminded him of the Centurion man who had such great faith that he didn’t need Jesus to go to his house, nor even meet his servant who was facing death. This man stood in the gap having faith for his servant in Christ! That day we stood in full unity and agreement on the promise from Isaiah 55:13 over our colleague and his baby. 

The next few days our entire team was sad for our friend and colleague’s loss; however my fellow manager and I remained quiet, and held on to hope. 

About the third day when doctors were scheduled to remove the baby and lay him to rest I received a phone call from both my colleague and his wife. The atmosphere on the other side of the phone wasn’t that of grief as one might expect. I heard hope in their voices, as they excitedly explained what had just happened. Before the doctors went in to remove the baby they ran one last test and to their astonishment the baby’s heart was beating! Not only was his heart beating, he was alive and well and the doctors had absolutely no explanation as to how the “Hospital equipment could have been wrong.” We knew that God breathed life into this little one and he returned. 

From this day forward our colleagues were filled with hope and returned to church and put God back in His rightful place in their lives. I still thank God that my church had been doing a series on healing and our hearts were filled with the Word. Our pastor often said “If you’re part of God’s kingdom, you’re not like everybody else, you’re in covenant with God and have EVERY promise Christ gave you at the cross. Healing, provision, protection and so much more are yours.” 

Living a life in God’s kingdom, you may be like the two spies who had to go against the majority yet God promises you that your life will be full of His purpose. You will encourage and bring many into the kingdom of God and live life and life more abundantly. No longer will you just read stories of men and women of faith, you will be part of the story.

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