Fire Houses of intercession and Intimacy – A Word by Sue Cline

Sue Cline is an apostolic leader and visionary with a mandate to see the body of Christ trained, equipped and fully functioning in the call of God for their lives. Sue and her husband Scott oversee Breath of Life Ministries, a Kingdom Training Center in Scottsville, Kentucky. Partnering the Apostolic, Prophetic and Pastoral gifts, they release righteousness and reconciliation and reformation to both community and family. She is also the founder of Hope Center for Women Inc, a training and equipping center that is transforming the lives of women coming out of controlling issues, through the love and power of Jesus.
Website: Hopecenterforwomen.org

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Fire Houses of intercession and Intimacy – A Word by Sue Cline

Sue Cline

I released this word in February of 2020 and thought it was for then but as I was doing a Facebook live with April on 12/30/2020, I seen a vision of people meeting in houses and they were on their faces in intercession,  I seen the Glory of God falling on their backs and believe this is a word for 2021.

Watch for these burning houses of worship and intercession begin to emerge. It will be the places no one would have given the time of day. Oh but they have Gods attention because they are not chasing a name or a platform, they have been driven by His presence. They don’t care if it don’t fit your agenda, style, or time. They are tired of being pushed down and getting up the same way they came in. Jesus is raising up burning ones that’s been hid and kept from all the hype of the man made glory so that he can reveal His real Glory through them. These place will be fueled by two main components. The first will be intercession. Jesus said my house will be called a house of prayer. The second will be His Presence and out of that everything will begin to flow. The body will be formed with Apostles, Prophet, Evangelist, Teachers, Pastor. These firehouses will be like the houses in Acts. It will not be about performance it will be about power and the burning ones will walk in the authority that was left to them and miracles signs and wonders will be the normal in these Fire Houses. Jesus is inviting you to be one of these Firehouses and you don’t have to have anything to start. All you need is a hunger for HIS PRESENCE AND HIS KINGDOM TO BE BUILD. Your home can become a place so on fire with his presence it’s draws people to you to get save, delivered, and healed. Pastor and leaders encourage your people to seek the presence of God because the Lord showed me that as these houses catch on fire with his presence they will bring that fire into your churches on Sunday mornings. They won’t take away from your church they will add to it.

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