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I hear the Spirit of God saying; “For I have seen you shipwrecked and forgotten, wasted, battered, and broken. A ship shattered by the raging tempest and bitter winds that stole your passion and silenced your voice.”

“I have seen you scattered, scared, sinking, sorrow swallowing you up, and despair guiding you, washing you up against the rocks, breaking your dreams into pieces.”

“I have seen your heart crying out even when your words just couldn’t escape your lips, when your will was crushed, and your soul sick with bitterness. I heard your lament, your ode to hope lost and faith waning, but did you hear my reply?”

“Today I tell you: You have only seen one part of the play, you have not yet seen its end. You have witnessed much heartache but not yet the heart leap, and the pressing but not yet the promise.”

“In this hour I am putting a new fire in your bones, a strength, power, purpose, and passion that will be unrivalled by the past. I am giving you a new mantle and a new message that will be a BREAKER to all who hear it. This message will shake the ground beneath your feet and light up the darkness.”

“I am sending a wind to fill your sails and take you from the dreamless, dormant places and carry you back into the current, and you will feel alive again, you will feel free again, and you will fulfil every promise I gave you.”

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“And you have said “Where has my vision gone” “I don’t know where I am going” but as you walk to what looks like the end you will turn a corner and see the most vibrant season unfold before your eyes. I have had to clear out the deep places of your heart and life to prepare you for the magnitude of what I want to do in your life.”

“Give me your unfinished roads, your messy meanderings, your staggering shame, and blinding failure. My glory on you in this stage of your life is going to eclipse the former. My evidence upon you is going to astound you and make you see my goodness for what it truly is. It’s time to turn the page and move on from where you have been. The old rags no longer fit or suit you, your old name no longer identifies you, and your prison no longer holds you.”

Nate Johnston

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