For the forerunners – A Word by Candace Roberts

Candace is a wife, mother to 5, pastor, and counselor. She has personally walked through tremendous trials, abuse, and loss. She carries the overcoming anointing and imparts and teaches it to others all across the world through her preaching and counseling ministry. 


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For the forerunners – A Word by Candace Roberts


Candace Roberts 

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Some of you have felt like constant failures. Like you never quite measure up. But the tension isn’t in your failure, it’s in your comparison. You have been trying to fit into a grid you simply weren’t made for.


You are a forerunner, you go before. You pave a way where one has never existed before. You may feel out of place, because you were called to create a space.


You feel behind and unorganized when you look around. But the truth is you are ahead carrying more than others even know exist.


It can be a hard, lonely, frustrating place.


Forerunning isn’t for the week, it’s for the pioneer. For the faithful and those who are trustworthy.


Looking for answers and guidance often leaves you even more confused and feeling like you are coming up short. You aren’t!


You can’t walk their way. You can’t work, parent, preach, pray, dress, or relate like them. They are here and you are THERE.


Sons and daughters, you are not a failure. You are unique in every way possible. You were created with eternity and purpose in your bones. You will never fit into the worlds, or the church’s box. Ask God to lead you to your tribe. To people who speak your language and will disciple your call, not stifle your spirit. It’s hard when you look around and see others who seem to be succeeding and even soaring, but remember there was a forerunner who paved the way.


Behind every great move of God there was a people who were willing to lay down their lives to pave the way. That is you my friend. Be encouraged in your call to forerun. There is a great reward. God sees you, He is with you and He goes before you. The very fact that you Are a forerunner speaks to the intimacy you have with Him. Your heart is pure and where He is, in the beyond, in that place believed for.


This is the hour a generation of forerunners will arise and build new places beyond the structures of old. You will not look like the world expects you to look because they’ve never seen anything like you before!


It’s time to run my friend, don’t look around at what’s already being done. Look to Him, He is your blueprint!



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