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It was in 2015 during prayer that in a vision, I seen four large angels in the four regions of Texas (East, West, North and South). 

Each angel stood at doors in that region and as they opened them, rivers of living waters began to flood each region until they came together. It was like the entire state of Texas became a Garden as these waters brought life into dead places. So I knew that meant Texas was to become a habitation of His glory.

I have not shared this publicly other than with spiritual fathers and mothers I submit to until now.

I’m sharing this because I was reminded of the vision as I talked with some friends and leaders recently that began to confirm that things are shifting and pray and strategy will be needed in these regions to see His purposes come forth.

Each angel carried a unique message (a key) for that region, yet it all came together to release an outpouring in the state. It went from an outpouring of revival and visitation to the state becoming a habitation of His glory. I believe this will have happen in other states as well, but I am only sharing what I was shown in Texas. 

It was around the same time less than a year later that I went on assignment to Austin the state capital of Texas, and was instructed by the Lord to stand in front of the Texas State Capitol building and pray “against” the liberal spirit and pray “for” revival in Texas. 

When I returned to my hotel room in Austin that night, as I was pressing into the word, in the spirit a “python” manifested in the room. 


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Long story short, I was told by the Lord this was a false prophetic spirit operating in Texas that God was going to remove as the state received the outpouring of cleansing in these four regions. 

These outpourings were going to wash away the refuge of lies(Isaiah 28:17) and shift Texas into the “new” He was releasing as plum line revelation of righteousness came forth. This shift would be on multiple levels as the kingdom of God was breaking in.

Confrontation Must Come

I had an interesting confirmation when I came back home. As I driving talking to my friend about this encounter, I literally seen a large snake that started to slither on the highway! It was so long and thick that it was a three lane highway and I still couldn’t avoid it….so I ran it over!! It felt like I ran over log it was so thick.  Just as the Angel of the Lord brought Israel to the “ites” in the land of promise (Exodus 23:23) the message of revival and reformation will bring about a confrontation in the spirit. There is confrontation with this false prophetic movement that we can no longer avoid. Not just in Texas, but the entire Body of Christ.  

Prayer Strategies and Unity of the Faith

There is a stirring happening in the state of Texas and we need more than just fresh fire and fresh oil….we need Holy fire and Holy Oil!! The glory and holiness of God is coming to take up residence and it will drive out falsehood and unclean things and at the same time bring restoration, reformation and joy unspeakable. One of the keys to this outpouring will be leaders coming together in unity with the purposes of God for the region and unity with each other.  This will release key strategies that will unlock rivers of life in each region with a focus to bless the entire state. Texas is a forerunner state (not the only forerunning state) so the outpouring in Texas will be an indication and catalyst for an outpouring in the nation.  The unity of the faith will produce a great shaking for His glory!  

Wayland Henderson

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