Emily-Rose Lewis

I hear the word, ‘FREEDOM’ resounding in the heavenly realms. I see a great number of angels rejoicing at the great and mighty move of God over His remnant people to set them free from the earth shackles of defeat that have kept them bound to mediocre mindsets that cause hoarding, protective shields, addictions, and rationing out of fear. There is a mighty force of angelic joy that is rolling back the darkness over the people of God and clearing a path for their feet to move swiftly with the good news of the Kingdom of God which is at hand.

The Lord has sent me to tell you that you are free already. The blinders must fall to the ground as ash right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As you read this, the blinders are falling! Receive a touch from the Lord by faith to remove all blinders.

The holy fire of God is touching those unclean places in the deepest recesses of souls and purifying them as people wake up from their slumber and head the call of Holy Spirit to rise-up and take their rightful place in the family of the Living God. The Father of heavenly lights is calling His children to burn brightly in the earth, shining like stars in the heavens, to light the way for His lost sheep to find their way home.

Your freedom is not for some far-off time and place. You are free today! Set it down and walk away. Be strong and courageous. No more begging for the crumbs under the table. Take your place at the King’s table. Hear His great plans for you over a meal shared in the company of your divine family. In the presence of the angels, incline your ear to hear the instructions of your Lord and Master today.

Is Christ the King? Is He your King? He is the King of kings and you too are royalty as Christ the King is your elder brother. Adorn yourself with clothes that are fitting of one that has been adopted into the family of God. Put on your robe of righteousness. Get ride of the filthy garments of yesterday’s disappointments and failures by confessing and receiving your forgiveness by faith this day.

Put your hope in God! Fix your eyes on things above. Look no more to the earth realm to define yourself and your life. Your life is hidden with Christ in God. It is time to walk by faith and not by sight from here on into eternity. The blinders are gone from your eyes in Jesus name.

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