From Battle Ring to Signet Ring – A Word by Brenda Rundus

Brenda Rundus is a wife, mother of two grown sons, and lover of God’s Word and His heart. She served for 14 years as an intercessor and as a leader. Her favorite pastime is walking in the revelatory realm of dreams and prophetic words that bring encouragement. She and her husband Paul have lived in the Sacramento region since 1996.

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From Battle Ring to Signet Ring – A Word by Brenda Rundus

Brenda Rundus

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I call you a heavy-weight champion! You’ve taken a lot of hits from many opponents who wanted to take you out at every turn. Each round was brutal and yet you came out on top every time because you put your trust in Me. Being in the battle ring has not been your thing. In fact, it has been so exhausting for you. You are a lover of peace, but also a warrior for what is right and true. You’ve had to go to war for peace. There were many times that you hung your head and cried out, “I don’t know if I can take it anymore because the battle is too fierce and the fire beyond what I thought!”

Through many tribulations, you enter into My kingdom. Every great warrior has been through much toil and you have seen your share. Proudly display your battle scars like the engravings of My signet ring, oh valiant one!

The ring I’m unveiling to you now is forever to be a reminder of My love for you. Set Me as a seal upon your heart, for you are marked! Go forth in splendor and take up the cause of those who cannot fight for themselves. Plead for the legal rights of the defenseless and those who are dying to encounter Me fully.

You have legal authority! Intercede for those who need a change and watch Me re-arrange and reorder their steps. Victory is deeply entrenched into you. The battles that you have won in My name have not been in vain or for nothing.

The encodings within My ring are fascinating and they shine with glorious light. I rolled away the stone so that you could display My holiness. Lift Me up as a banner of love to a generation who needs to see Me in you. Love is a powerful connection that cannot be broken. Our covenant of love cannot be stolen. Your desire has been for Me, and My desire is you!

My signet ring is My symbol of authority that I have given to you, so receive it. You are engraved with My stamp! I have stamped you, “approved”. You carry My resurrection power as I live in you & you are much stronger than you know. You may not realize, but I carry you as a signet in My heart and you are powerful to me because I see Myself in you. I trust you. We have a history together. Carry Me, like I carry you, and watch heaven be released.

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