From Confinement to Freedom – Declaring The Wall Of Resistance To Move! – A Word by Joel Yount

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From Confinement to Freedom – Declaring The Wall Of Resistance To Move! – A Word by Joel Yount

Joel Yount

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I’ll never forget years ago a movie I watched where a young mother and her small child were trapped and confined to a small room. There seemed to be no way out. I thought to myself, one of these days are they going to plan an escape? I can’t imagine the level of fear the woman had knowing that the individual keeping her and her son locked away in a small area might do if she wasn’t successful in her attempt to run away and get help.

You see this woman and child weren’t just facing isolation but they were also facing resistance from getting free. It’s one thing to want to escape and be free but another thing to battle the fear and anxiety if whoever is holding them catches them in their attempt to run away.

I believe many of us in recent months have faced different levels of resistance. Resistance from moving forward, launching new blueprints, and projects. When it feels like a wall of resistance is in front of us from advancing it often makes us want to give up.

Several months ago one day I felt like giving up on something new I started. It would be easier to just quit right? Later that evening I got a message from someone saying, “The Lord wants to encourage you. Keep Going. You Are A

Warrior! There Is A Reward Coming.” That short dose of encouragement was the fuel I needed for me to not want to give up. I kept going and now going full speed ahead!

Today, let me encourage you..don’t give up! You are a Warrior and backing out now is not in your DNA. The Wall of Resistance trying to stand in front of you must come down in Jesus name! I speak to that wall right now and tell it to begin to crumble in all directions. The warrior heart God placed in you is no match for the obstacles in front of you. That’s the breaking news that the enemy doesn’t want you to hear right now.

Begin to declare out loud that your Wall of Resistance is coming down!


Joel Yount

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