Candace is a wife, mother to 5, pastor, and counselor. She has personally walked through tremendous trials, abuse, and loss. She carries the overcoming anointing and imparts and teaches it to others all across the world through her preaching, and counseling ministry. Her and her husband’s heart are to see families healed and restored. They are pioneering a healing ministry which includes wildernesses retreats, healing nights and much more.


From Seclusion to Display – A Word by Candace Roberts

Candace Roberts

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There is a great exodus from the caves of seclusion taking place. 

A release into the wide open spaces of freedom.

The place where you are finally free to be YOU. 

No more hiding, retreating or holding back. There is an army emerging from the hidden places with a confidence and boldness like we’ve never seen before. 

What was birthed in secret is about to be on display in the open. 
An armor of intimacy has been forged around these hidden and secluded ones. When they emerge, the sting of rejection will no longer pierce them. Through the weeping and tears, their identity has been solidified.

Identity so firm, nothing can shake it!

I see this army walking out of the caves of seclusion with their heads held high. No longer is there worth determined by what others say about them, but what God has done IN them.

Their season of darkness has marked them, but make no mistake they are not emerging wounded. The deeper they wept and were willing to go with the Lord, the stronger he made them. The more he marked them. The more he chose them. The more he gave them.

Their travail brought forth riches in themselves, that could not have come any other way. It was a surrender of all they were, all they had and all they held onto. It seemed as if the light would never come. They wondered if the stone would ever be rolled away. Would they be there in that dry and lonely place forever? 

But at just the right time, he made a way. He sounded the alarm, and now you hear him saying. It’s time to come out! Your exodus is at hand!

They will take the earth and the church by surprise. These are the unexpected ones. There will be no denying them, because they have stood before the Lord and cried, “I will not be denied”! 

This is His hour, so it has to be theirs. No longer, will you be in a season of isolation. God will strategically place others who are emerging around you.

No longer will you be called cave dwellers, now your are marked as glory carriers.

There will be those drawn to the glory that you carry. They will come along side you, support you and most of all recognize your worth. 

NO longer will you settle for the things you did in the past. In love, you will walk away from anything that does not align with the call of God over your life. You will walk away with your head held high and your dignity in tact. It’s a new season, a new day. You’ve felt invisible, but you were seen by the one who matters the most.

He is bringing out His peculiar ones and putting them on display! Get ready, you’re about to receive your justice, for all to see. It will come as waves of favor. The spoils are waiting just outside. As soon as you walk out into the light, they will be all around!

Everything you were willing to surrender; everything you let slip through your hands, it’s all about to be rewarded.

THIS is for the ones who have endured the darkness.

THIS is for the ones who endured the loneliness.

THIS is for the ones who were willing to give it ALL.

THIS is for the ones who are READY!

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