Spiritual Growth

From Victory To Victory! – A Word by Dana Jarvis


When you plan something big with God and he has something great in store for you, rest assured the devil will have some setbacks planted along the way. Obstacles are those things in front of you when you take the eyes off your goals.
After the test, the testimony of increase and advancement on the other side if you don’t give up!
As you stand at your Red Sea that looks impassable, your miracle will come forth right on time. The enemy may try to lay the wicked snares, but the reassurance of the Lord shall penetrate your heart with such power. Treasures shall be right within your grasp. Be faithful in the small things for God is leading you to greater. There is coming a divine lifting, an heavenly advancement!
God intends for you to go from victory to victory. It is your job to hold on and persevere. Then it is also Gods job to bring forth miracles and he will do just that.
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