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Prophetic Insight

Game Changer- A Word by Melissa Pearce

For the last several weeks, I kept hearing in my spirit, ‘game changer.’ As
I pressed into God for what He was decreeing this hour, I felt for many of
you there has been a shift. Shifts can be either positive or negative, but
this shift is positive. This shift is full of acceleration and advancement.

Game changer is a significant event in the way you are doing or thinking
about something. The significant event is your response. Your
response affects and impacts everything. Your response releases what you
truly believe! As I sat before God, I could see many of you wearing your
royal robes. Your walk was different. You weren’t hiding or crouching in
fear, but you had confidence within your eyes. As you saw what was before
you, there within your rose a great fire of determination.

As I saw, there were others of you, when you opened your mouth, the
two-edge sword was coming forth. You did not allow intimidation to instill
doubt into your being, but you slain the giant before you with God’s Word.
You did not waver!

As I kept pressing into God, He was confirming His sons and daughters were
taking their rightful positions in Him. This is the game changer moment. As
His children rise to what is rightfully theirs, it empowers them to advance
the Kingdom of God.

As I watched, I saw many of you endure various tests. You didn’t even
realize them as tests, but all of heaven was watching how you would respond
to those events. In seasons past, where you would have buckled to
compromise, a spirit of excellence arose within you. This excellence was
the spirit of self-control being manifested within your life. You chose not
to satisfy the appetites of your flesh but responded out of your
commitment, love and devotion to the Father. This was a game changer
moment. In this game changer moment, God is opening the doors of increase
over you. He knows He can trust you with what He is about to expand you
into. In the past tests, where you were motivated by selfishness, your
heart has now been solidified in selflessness.

“And He said, ‘Do not lay your hand on the lad, or do anything to him;
for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son,
your only son, from Me.’” (NKJV- Genesis 22:12)

As I sat quietly before the Lord, I heard Him say

“In past seasons, you would be quick to react, but in this season, I am
causing your spirit to be so sensitive to Me and my directives. Even
when you thought everything was secure one way, you never lost sight of
Me moving and acting. My child, the game changer moment that has
occurred within your life is when you operated out of love towards me.
The game changer was the shift within your heart. You are not being
ruled by selfish desires and ambitions. Nor are you being swayed by the
ways of the world. Your heart is infused in mine. Your heart sees
perceives who I created you to be.


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Do you know what I can do with that? Every demonic oppression that has
tried to hold you back, has been broken off you because of your
response to Me. It is I who is causing you to advance in ways you had
not even dreamed about. It is I who brings you honor and it is I who
opens doors for you. My love, this season has been one of testing, but
you have proven yourself to be faithful. I am honored by you and all of
heaven applauds you!

As I continued to sit before Him, the image of a football game was taking
place. It was a close game. There wasn’t much time left on the clock, but
it appeared the team with the lesser of points was going to lose the game.
Then I saw it; it was the one play that changed the course and direction of
the game.

Your response to God is that one play that has changed the course and
direction of your destiny! Where the enemy thought he had your pegged, you
arose and operated in what God has given to you.

The course before you has been altered and sphere of influence has been
extended. You eye has not seen nor has your mind even begun to comprehend
what God is about to do.

My prayer is for you to hold fast to who He is and who He called you to be.
God is advancing His Kingdom forward and you are part of His great plan of

In Him,

Rev. Melissa Pearce

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