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Get ready for sudden explosions of glory!!! – A Word by Tyler Medina


This morning I was talking with a ministry partner about plans for this coming year, and what I see the Lord currently orchestrating. I told her I see big explosions coming to these conferences we have planned, and I know God is going to bring a major shift. Instantly as these words left my mouth I was swept up in a vision.

Now in this vision, God took me around major cities in America (New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, etc). As I traveled through these cities I saw major structures that I knew had been there for a long time. God then brought me to the sub floor of these structures, and at the pillars of their foundation I saw bombs with time clocks counting down. On these bombs were the numbers 4:44! Now, there were enough bombs in these buildings to destroy entire cities! God then lifted me out of the building and as he was lifting me up I saw the explosions go off. The explosion was similar to that of a nuclear bomb. As I was lifted up I simultaneously watched these bombs erupting throughout the major cities, and as the radius expanded it covered all the earth.

I then came out of this vision and God began to speak to me what each part meant. He said Tyler, these buildings represent age old structures and principalities. They are representative of religion, denominational structures, and demonic principalities that have reigned over cities and regions. He said as we enter the 500 year anniversary of the reformation of the church, I am once again calling reformation to my bride. Reformers and pioneers are arising, with a commission from heaven to build and institute a new thing. But in order to build a new thing, the old has to be stripped down to the very foundation on which it stands.

He said I am clearing out all the debris, and shattering the resistance. He said this will be a year of overtaking and overthrowing enemy camps. He said age old principalities are going to crumble to the ground as this new breed is rising who will carry my weight and authority into regions and territories. There’s a new breed rising who have been tried by fire and cultivated in the secret place. They walk in fear and reverence of me, and know the power of their God! I have mantled them with an anointing that destroys the yoke, and renders rulers of darkness inoperable. I have mantled these reformers to break, shake, and shift atmospheres. Leaving them never the same.

As they follow my leading I will cause explosions to go off in every city they enter into. I see in the spirit, pillars of principalities crumbling to the ground and angelic assistance partnering with the children of God to overthrow regions, and expand the kingdom of God. People will come from all around as they are lifted from their oppression, crying out “what must I do to be saved.” There is an end time revival that I am leading my people into, and it will last till the end of days.

Now in correlation to the 4:44 I saw counting down on the clocks. God reminded me of a passage I read from Johnny Enlow on Elijah List which states “444 is a number sequence that the Lord uses in my life to signify his fingerprint on something I need to know he’s involved in.” God is clearly stating to me, and I believe for many of you that the visions on your heart he’s called you to build, they are carrying the blue print of heaven and the fingerprint of God!


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Along with the passage from Elijah list, God brought me to Ezekiel 44:4

“Then he brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple, and I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the temple of the LORD. And I fell on my face.”

God said Tyler, I am ripping down and building back up, and my glory will fill the place! For many God has given clear instructions to build hubs, or revival centers in your regions. As these explosions begin to go off, and something erupts in the atmosphere many are going to follow the call to build something new, and steward this move of God! There are heavenly alignments coming forward, new ministries being raised up, and new structures being built that will be built to be filled with the glory of God! He says I will fill them to overflow! As people enter into these buildings, and even pass by on the streets in front they will be overcome with my tangible presence that will drive them to their knees in awe and worship of Almighty God! But the temple I desire most to fill is you! You will be the carriers of my glory, and everywhere you go I will go with you and before you. The weight and authority of my kingdom, will come down and crush the kingdom of darkness.

Now, I saw these bombs simultaneously exploding and it’s radiation covered the earth. It is not like the chemical radiation that comes from a nuclear explosion. He said the result of these explosions will cause my fire, fragrance, and glory to radiate throughout the nations! This will not be the first great awakening, not the second great awakening, but THE GREATEST AWAKENING!! One that will awaken the bride and she will not fall back asleep into her slumber. I’m causing my reviving fire to sweep the land, and as Ezekiel experienced in chapter 37. It will cause dry bones to raise back to life!!

This morning God says get ready for sudden shifts, and sudden explosions!!  This will be a year of suddenly’s, as I bring an anointing of acceleration over my people. They will experience in months what took others decades to build. I am mantling this generation to withstand the coming days ahead. Buckle your seat belts church, there’s a major shift getting ready to come to your lives, to your cities, and to your regions. In the mighty name of Jesus!

Tyler Medina




A Word by Dana Jarvis

I prophetically decree Oh God arise and show yourself mighty in the lives of your people. The God of Jabez shall arise and change your whole story. Every invitation from the enemy trying to declare poverty is rejected in the mighty name of Jesus. Every power trying to come against you this season is over.

God will show up and show himself mighty!

I decree the valley of sorrow shall now catapult you into the mountain of joy. Every satanic banker trying to bring poverty around your destiny be scattered by fire. Your breakthroughs shall jump out of the satanic cages for there shall be no more hindrance or delays. The angels of our Almighty God is rolling away every stone.="s1">

I decree the power upon you to enter into open doors of divine opportunities. The Father is doing a new thing in your life. He is arising and giving you miracles that leave you saying “How did that happen?” Every ladder of limitation, affliction, and oppression catch fire in name of Jesus. You shall be restored tenfold! I issue a quit notice on the evil legs trying to carry your finances off. All hindrances to your prosperity be electrocuted in Jesus name. All the buried blessings shall surface and chase you down. You shall be overtaken! God is going to bless your socks off to the point you run out of socks!

Right now you are taking back ground. Jesus is repairing all that needs fixed in your life and dashing to pieces the evil clock of the enemy trying to work against you. I claim only open doors for nothing is impossible. Your case came forth in the courts of Heaven and is scheduled for a miracle in Jesus mighty name.

Oh God arise and show yourself mighty for your people!

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