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Get Ready To Take Your Jericho- Word by Sylvia Neusch



The Lord often draws my attention to the story of the children of Israel
and their journey into their promised land more than any other story of the
Bible. It is a prophetic picture of our journey into destiny and
inheritance as believers, containing nuggets of wisdom and truth for us

I noticed that as Joshua led the people across on dry ground, while the
waters of the Jordan River piled up, the scripture says, “So the people
crossed over opposite Jericho” (Josh. 3:16b)

Though they surely would have had a great celebration that day, realizing
all God had done in their midst, they must have been very aware that
Jericho loomed before them. God had given them the land, yet there sits
Jericho. How vulnerable they would have felt knowing that they had no
military plan of their own to defeat this formidable enemy. God brings us
to a place of utter dependency on Him. It is in this place where we can
decide whether to step out in faith to follow Him, or devise a plan of our
own that never brings about the desired results. Part of our training in
this former season has been about learning to depend completely on Him, and
using the weapons He has trained us to use.

We are not to be dismayed when we step into our land and find strongholds
of the enemy still inhabiting what is our inheritance and destiny. Just as
God had a specific battle plan for dismantling the walls and city of
Jericho, He will have a plan for us as well! The enemy’s camp always
appears fortified and he uses intimidation, lies, and false reports to
cause us to recoil in fear.

So, don’t be surprised if the enemy’s stronghold appears impenetrable. God
will give you a strategy to advance that may defy human reasoning and
logic. There was nothing logical about marching around Jericho seven times
blowing ram’s horns, and shouting, yet it was these seemingly foolish
actions that brought down the walls.

I believe God is bringing us back to a place where rational, logical
thought will be confronted when it stands opposed to the plans of God.
There is nothing wrong with thinking rationally or logically except when it
opposes or keeps us from receiving communication from God that is different
than our learned norm. We are entering a time when reliance on self and
self effort will be exposed and confronted. Orphans believe they have to
rely on themselves for their own survival. The Father will be releasing
breakthrough for those trapped in this cycle in the coming days so that
every child of God has the opportunity to run toward greater freedom in Him
and their rightful inheritance.

Obedience is key in following the strategies of the Lord to completion. A
quick read over Joshua 6 and it is very evident that the army of the Lord
followed Joshua’s orders with excellence. This past season has also been
about purifying our hearts and motives so that we can hear and obey the
plans and strategies of the Lord as He gives us our unique battle plans for
fully taking and inhabiting the lands He has marked out for each of us.

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Purity of heart and motives can not be overemphasized as we read the stern
warnings found in chapter 7 of Joshua. In Joshua 7:13 it says, “Go,
consecrate the people, Tell them ‘Consecrate yourselves in preparation for
tomorrow; for this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: There are
devoted things among you, Israel. You cannot stand against your enemies
until you remove them.”

Though we know that we now live in the new covenant of grace and mercy,
God’s principles of obedience, righteousness, and purity still remain.
God’s words and commands are to be followed and obeyed. The degree to which
we entertain sin and compromise will be the degree to which we are unable
to stand against our enemies. As Achan chose to disobey God and stole the
“devoted things” and lied about it, he brought destruction on his nation
through his careless compromise.

God has given us the precious gift of repentance that we might quickly turn
and think differently about any sinful patterns of behavior and compromise.
It is God’s desire that we can advance unfettered as we move towards our
destiny and inheritance. Jesus modeled such a pure life when He was able to
say in John 14:30, “The enemy has no hold over me”.

Friends, we are about to take our “Jericho” as we march forward into this
exciting season. It is time to align ourselves with the “Commander of the
army of the LORD” just as Joshua did in Joshua 5:13-15. Let us consecrate
ourselves to Him that every part of us would be an instrument submitted to
Him and His kingdom purposes and prepare now to watch your walls fall down!

Sylvia Neusch

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