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Lisa Gibson is a wife, mother,  pastor, ordained minister of the gospel and author.  Her passion is to see the church “come alive” and demonstrate the living Word of God to this world.  Lisa has over 30 years of experience in ministry alongside of her husband, Adam.  She has seen divine miracles, healings and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. One of her greatest desires is to see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit break out in local churches and homes and spread like a wild-fire across the nations.

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Get up! Get moving! Be about the Father’s Business! – A Word by Lisa Gibson

Lisa Gibson

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These are the words that I am hearing over and over in my prayer time.  This past year has been a year of isolation for most of us.  But it has been needed. We have learned to abide in the secret place with God as referred to in Psalms 91:1. Many distractions were removed from our everyday lives, but now we have picked up new distractions and filled our days with busyness again.  Today the Lord is reminding you to go back and remember the things that He spoke over you and showed you during that time of intimacy with Him. That season was to prepare you for this upcoming season.

It’s no longer acceptable for the body of Christ to remain dormant. There is a work to be done now upon the earth, a revival is on the horizon and it will be greater than ever before, the greatest outpouring ever known to mankind.  But the enemy of your soul has been trying to quiet you. Over this past year Satan has tried to convince many believers that there is no hope. Depression and apathy has taken control of many people.  We have grieved as many of our spiritual leaders have left this world and watched as others have fallen from grace.  But God is raising up a remnant, a remnant that He has spoken life into, a remnant that has been alone with Him in that secret place, a remnant that is desperate for a move of God and is determined to push through until we have breakthrough.  Yes I see a revival that is on the horizon. But that revival can not be ushered in by a complacent, lethargic church. This outpouring will only come by repentance, fasting and prayer. So today, pull your gifts off of the so called shelves that you have placed them upon.  Begin to ask God for new and refreshed vision,  ask him for zeal and joy once again. This is not the season to hide yourself but it is the time to shine brighter than ever before. The Holy Spirit is looking for a people that He can pour himself out on. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit doesn’t necessarily start as a corporate thing.  It starts in the hearts and lives of individuals and then it spreads like a wildfire to those that it comes in contact with.

Satan knows that this revival is coming, this latter day pouring out of the spirit of God that Joel prophesied of. Acts 2:17 says “In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh.” The enemy is trying everything in his power to push you down, to oppress you, to make you feel unfocused.  But today the Father is saying  “Get up, awake oh sleeper, arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.”

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