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“God Has Sent Out A Clarion Call” – A Word by Deborah Lofton

Deborah Lofton

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As I was preparing the Word for Bible Study service, on the “Life of Moses,” my eyes stayed focused on one verse of scripture, Exodus 3:10
Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.

This statement made by God to Moses was clearly an unexpected CLARION CALL. Moses turned from his task of tending sheep to see a burning bush and to his surprise he gets notification that his flock is about to change from a few livestock to a million humans.

Many of us today, find ourselves in enlarged territories, having strange visions and hearing “a strongly expressed demand or request for action” from God. That is the definition of the Clarion Call, and it is not a mistake. Moses was qualified and well-trained in the ways of the Egyptians, he knew his heritage, he was a hard-worker, loyal, dedicated to his father-in-law, and comfortable with his present life.

God disrupts all the above and calls this man to change everything he knows to become a leader of a multitude of people he barely knows. And now God throws words at him as if this is an easy assignment and as if Moses will accept it and go. God already knew.

He trusts His own judgment when He chooses leaders. He sees beyond the fear and doubt to the heart and soul of the chosen vessel. It is a natural response for you to doubt and question the assignment, even question God. He does not mind what you say, He already knows what you will do-OBEY.

The first three words Moses speaks, “Who Am I…?” may have entered many of God’s chosen men and women’s thoughts and were perhaps spoken during the initial shock and awe moment after receiving the call.

Biblical history has taught us that God will send you with a stick in your hand and a promise or send you with the choir singing in front to a
war zone or send you with a candle in a pitcher against a multitude of warriors. Moses was victorious with the stick, Jehoshaphat was victorious with the choir leading into the battle, and Gideon won by shouting and breaking the pitcher. The clarion call may seem impossible but as you move into the place of destiny, He has called you to enter, you will win, you will lead well.

Accept what God has chosen you to do. You are the One; there is no one else who can do this assignment. It was Peter’s assignment to walk on water, never mind that he sank, he walked on water. You are unique in your own way, gifted to do it God’s way; that is why you were chosen for this assignment. God knows that you are simply crazy enough to trust Him and do it, just faithful enough to do it; just like Noah building a boat on dry land, anticipating enough rain to float it, BECAUSE GOD SAID IT WOULD. Or becoming the leader of a large congregation, walking in promised untapped gifts BECAUSE GOD SAID YOU WOULD.

The Clarion Call to you has left God’s lips. Now walk in your calling.

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