Prophetic Insight

God is about to visit the Wilderness, Get Ready! – A Word by Andrew Whalen

Launched From The Wilderness

On a recent ‘prayer drive’, I heard in my heart the Holy Spirit say “wilderness”.  I thought to myself, “oh no God, not more wilderness.”  Thankfully I heard more.  He said, “I am about to visit the wilderness.”  In that moment I had a flash of understanding that the ‘proverbial wilderness’ is scheduled for a visitation from Heaven.   

One definition of wilderness is ‘empty and pathless’.  I can speak for myself that I have had many seasons where I felt ‘empty and pathless.’  Yet biblically it is in this very place called wilderness, where we feel unseen, insignificant, lost in seeming darkness, confusion, uncertainty, and testing, that a coordinated invasion plan is sovereignly launched by Heaven into earth. 

Many have been tempted to give up on the promises God had once spoken.  The wilderness provides an environment where we often feel forgotten, and often assume that the words he gave us are forgotten too. Thankfully God watches over His word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12).  

I believe the last months of 2019 will mark a time of God’s ‘performance’ in the wilderness.  The scripture says that Jesus was sent into the wilderness “full of the Holy Spirit”(Luke 4:1), but afterwards he came out “in the power of the Holy Spirit”(Luke 4:14).   His transition from the wilderness, was rapid, explosive, and never slowed down until he fulfilled his mission to purchase with his blood men for God (Rev. 5:9).  

Many are about to be surprised at the sudden shift from their wilderness, into a rapid fulfillment of long awaited promises.  I see many Kingdom initiated ‘cutting edge’ books, messages, and creative exploits  about to launch from those who have been hidden and unknown.  Hidden technologies, health breakthroughs, fashion lines, community centers, adoption financial aid programs, family value entertainment programs and so much more are being fitted for launch.  All of this because God is going to visit the wilderness.  

I see many new emerging voices, and faces, coming into view.  Many of these being launched from the wilderness will accelerate the changing wineskins.  The Kingdom is going to continue to go forward, and it will require a shift from outdated traditions and forms that hinder the cause of Christ.  The temptation for some in the church will be to see the change as rebellion, but God is bringing the change, even in the midst of certain immaturity.  

Many mothers and fathers who have carried a ‘different spirit’ in the wilderness just like Caleb (Numbers 14:24), are about to ‘inherit’ the privilege and responsibility of shepherding, leading and championing a younger emerging generation into never before conquered territory.  This ‘Caleb’ type generation will share in the spoils of war.  

Sent to the Wilderness 

A few days after the Lord spoke that He is going to visit the wilderness, I was given a dream.  In my dream I saw that House churches and other less organizational places and means of gathering as the church were being invaded by the spirit of God.  I saw what I knew to be thousands of people packing into one house at a time.  I recognized that the focus of these house meetings was prayer.  

In one house I saw that thousands were waiting in line to sit in a chair and receive prayer.  After each person was prayed for they would get up and say, “I have never been touched by God like that.”   

After I woke from the dream, I was lead to consider the visitation of God in the wilderness by John the Baptist.  In Mark 1:5, “the whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem went out to him. Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River.”  

I believe the dream of the ‘house churches’ was both literal and symbolic.  First I believe God is literally going to pour out his spirit on prayer-focused house churches and many will ‘go out’ to find and encounter God in these lesser known places.  

Secondly I believe the house churches may be symbolic for the less conventional type places and forms that the church gathers.  As God visits the ‘wilderness’ I believe we are going to see barn revivals, house churches, bible studies and prayer groups become the target of God’s spirit and thousands will be drawn to find God in these places.  

Certainly we live in great days of transition and visitation.  For those of you in the wilderness, Get ready!  God is about to visit the wilderness.

Andrew Whalen