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God is releasing healing and a Tsunami river of His Spirit from the hearts of His people! – A Word by Ella Onakoya


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God is releasing healing and a Tsunami river of His Spirit from the hearts of His people!

– A Word by Ella Onakoya

Over the years I have had many dreams of the river of God. One of the most profound revelations was a vision of a river which had the appearance of a tsunami which the Lord is now reminding me to share as it has a timely message for the church. Much awaited breakthroughs for the body of Christ lies in the release of this river we carry within.

I hear the Lord say He is releasing His word with great power to release breakthrough that will unstop the hidden wells of tsunami within His people. Hearts clogged with unbelief, doubt and pain through trauma will receive a visitation of His power that will release the wells of tsunami within.

 Many are going through fiery trials that are strategies from the enemy to cause fear and doubts to arise to hinder or halt the flow of His Spirit. He is saying ‘Fear not for I am with you for there is no plot of the enemy that is hidden from my sight. I have not left you without a comforter. You have won many battles. You shall be like my servant David at this time and declare that that the Goliath that is standing before you shall be a thing of nought just like the lions and the bears I delivered into His hands’. I feel the Lord is encouraging His people not to allow the heaviness of trials to cause them to doubt His willingness to deliver them.

The pain before the vision of the Tsunami

As the Lord spoke these words prophetically into my Spirit, He brought into my mind the vividness of the vision of a Tsunami river I had shortly after my Mum’s passing into glory.

My mother was a confidant, friend and mentor who taught me from childhood by example to always walk in faith and love. She often shared stories of her personal angelic encounters. One such story was her being lifted from the road by an unseen hand and deposited into safety as she was about to be hit by a car! We witnessed her pray many times for illnesses that were healed. One of the most notable one I witnessed was a Muslim girl who had contagious tuberculosis who stayed in our home for a while. My mother offered to care for her as her parents were unable to financially take care of her. During her stay with us she was healed through my mother’s prayer and got saved while none of us caught the disease. My mother often declared that we lived in the secret place of Psalm 91 where no evil could touch us.


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We could not envisage a life without her and it was a great shock to us that she passed on suddenly into glory through complications from an illness some years ago. I experienced great shock at the news of her passing but trusted the Lord that He was faithful as He comforted me and my family with words of great love. It is normal for such an event to cause a feeling of loss and pain and I experienced both.  I traveled 2 weeks after my mother’s sudden passing to Lithuania to fulfill a ministry invitation to speak at a conference. With the pain of her passing still fresh in me, my heart felt like a rocky place and as I lay in the hotel that night, I could not find it in my heart to receive a word I could minister the following morning. My heart felt frozen as I experienced a sleepless night.

The vision and revelation of the Tsunami

As morning approached, I realised I had no message for the meetings when suddenly the lord gave me an open vision and I saw a river like a Tsunami that appeared as a huge tidal wave. The vision disappeared and I saw another vision of a big hammer that suddenly appeared as if to hit at a target and then it disappeared. The Lord spoke to me and said that many in the body of Christ do not realize the hugeness and the power of the river they carry within. The force and release of it is like a tsunami. Jesus said in John 7 verse 38 that for those who believe in him out of their bellies will flow rivers of living waters. The lord said that although the river within each believer is infinitely powerful, many are not releasing this river as it remains contained within instead of being released as an overflow.  The Lord explained that unbelief and doubt had arisen in hearts due to long standing difficult situations, traumas and grief that caused the hearts to be wounded. All of these had caused the soil of the hearts of many believers to become hardened hindering the flow of the river within.

 Many believers therefore do not walk in the overflow of His power that they were destined to walk in. The Lord said the hammer I saw represented His word which he was going to release to break through the rocky soil of the heart, releasing healing to hearts that are wounded and simultaneously causing the river to flow untapped. Jeremiah 23:29 says, ‘Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces? The lord assured me the river was going to flow that weekend and many miracles will occur. His word had come to heal my heart and in so doing my heart suddenly felt able to release the river within.  Many experienced a great overflow of supernatural power that weekend in Lithuania as they rejoiced of being healed of sicknesses. I believe the Lord is assuring you that the areas of your anointing where the enemy had attacked the most, you will experience the greatest outpouring. My mother had died of an unexpected complication from a minor illness yet one of the areas the Lord is using my ministry the most is through the release of many supernatural healings and miracles. Indeed no power of hell can stop your destiny!

If you are in a barren place where you do not feel the overflow of His river within you, the Lord is releasing this encouragement to you:

  1. He is your ever present help in trouble. In psalms 46, he promises that He himself will help you and He will release a river of gladness within you.  Psalms 46, 4-6 says ‘ There is a river whose stream makes glad the city of God, the holy place where the most high dwells. God is within her, she will not fall. God will help her at the break of day’. The Lord is encouraging you to let Him minister to you in the barren and rocky places of your heart. As you do so, His river of joy will be released within you to break the power of fear and desolation. I am in awe at the power of His love when I remember the number of times I had seen broken and wounded hearts of people healed as they stood in lines to be prayed for at meetings where the lord had me minister at. As these wonderful saints of God stood in His presence, releasing their pain to the Lord and forgiving those that needed forgiving, their depression and heartbreak gave way to joy as the Spirit of the Lord healed them. Many became overcame with joyous laughter.
  2.  Secondly I hear the lord’s gentle warning to be careful of the condition of the soil of our heart. In Matthew 13, 1-23, in the parable of the sower, as the seed was sown in 4 different soils, only one of them bore fruit. The 3 soils that did not bear fruit represented hearts that  the enemy stole the word from as they experienced persecution, trials and inability to allow the word the Lord has spoken to them to take root. The soil of the heart that bore fruit was the heart that fully understood and received the word of the Lord that was spoken to them and did not allow the cares and trials of the world to choke out the word within them.  In essence, a person’s ability to release the river of God or anointing within them is determined by the condition of the heart.

Be encouraged saints of God, though you might be going through trials, yet these are the very conditions that will allow His River within you to flow as a powerful Tsunami. In the natural, a Tsunami is caused by a disruption or an earthquake. Supernaturally, the enemy attack that had caused a disruption in your life will release the greatest Tsunami of His Spirit through your heart as you allow the Lord to heal, strengthen and release his river within you! 

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